D-Day-1944 report on Allied use of pigeons to gather intelligence before invasion

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  1. (c) Crown copyright images reproduced by courtesy of The National Archives, London, UK
    Attached thumbnails below are catalog numbers WO208/3556 #51, #52, #53
    This is Columba Summery #12 for the first 6 months of 1944.
    Points in the summary:

    Returns were low but considered critical during the pre-invasion period;

    4424 pigeons were dropped by parachute;

    Operation Columba provided the first intimation of “order of battle” news considered important to SHAEF regarding German troop movements;

    5 reports gave the first news of military underground works;

    Names of collaborators were sent to SHAEF, per their request;

    After the invasion began the Germans offered big rewards for the capture of Allied pigeons;

    In Denmark, pigeon owners were given the choice of killing their pigeons or turning them over to the Wehrmacht.

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