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    Just got the wardiary from 71 Fd Coy King George V's Own Bengal Sappers and Miners for 1945. It states that the following 3 Sappers were killed during the Battle of Sourabaya 29-30/10-1945:

    104647 Haji Ahmad
    22352P Jiwan Khan
    106703 Muhammad Maskin

    BUT if you check cwgc they say they were killed between 1/1-1942 and 31/12-1942. Any suggestions on how that can be?

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    If it gives the actual names of the three Sappers in that war diary, you can send an e-mail to the CWGC with a copy of the war diary as evidence of the correct date of death. Within a month, it should then be amended with the correct information.

    This happens occasionally and may be because insufficient information was available at the time.

    Cheers - Rob
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    Could just be a typo for the year......42, when it should be 45. I am not surprised to see the wide range for date of death. As Rob says there probably was a lack of clear detail in this regard. Sadly, I do not think too much effort was made on behalf of the War Office to chase up such details for Indian troops. On Chindit 1 the Gurkha casualties are often rounded up into group dates for KIA's, DOW's and POW's, even when there is written evidence of a soldiers fate or demise in diaries.

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