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    Patriot Park.

  2. idler

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    Bovvy's Cent:


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  3. Chris C

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    You 'scooped' me, idler - I was just about to post one of my pics of it!
  4. idler

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    Bet yours are better though...
  5. idler

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    Tigger tyre:

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  6. idler

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    Panther II Schmalturm - not the neatest job:

  7. von Poop

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    Popular Mechanics:




    - -
    - -
    Bantam inspiration:

    - -
    - -


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  8. Dave55

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    I still don't understand why German welds often separated at the seams like that. I know someone explained it here before but I can't find the thread.
  9. idler

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    Quality of labour and materials aside, they had to take shortcuts in the machining of joints so they probably weren't as good as they shouldhave been. The other thread explained that the dovetail-like joints were a compromise because they could be flame-cut, and even then they were often packed out with scrap fill gaps.
  10. von Poop

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    Double scale training M1919s:

    I think the simple answer to the German weld issue is that 'pushing the envelope' thing, again.
    Like other systems on their tanks, just that little too clever technology being used for what was properly possible with manual arc on thick steel under pressured conditions.
    If mass, easily reproducible perfection was available the result would likely have been excellent, but it wasn't.
    (Good FTR page with good links: On German Armour | For the Record )
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    This is the book you need for aircraft cutaways. Lots of cheap used copies available too.
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    Early CDL.

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  13. Dave55

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    I enjoyed that one very much. I remember that the editor would throw in a lot of snarky comments about very tiny technical errors that in his mind were glaringly obvious. Stuff like, "The secondary reduction gear is rotating counter clockwise!" He would use the exclamation marks. :)
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    Cad's pistol:
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    I can’t work out which would be the most dangerous to ride in - a Matilda with half a turret, a Jeep with a wheel missing, or a tumbleweed tank. Probably the jeep though I think I would feel the least safe in the tumbleweed. At least it means no-one would be laughing at you though ...

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  17. von Poop

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    I definitely don't want to be in that jeep on landing.
    Still intrigued as to how a giant ball moving at a snail's pace is 'a poor target for gunfire'.
  18. von Poop

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    Great stuff.
    Took a few attempts to load, but worth it.
    Don't recall seeing the NA having videos accessible. Must have a rummage.
  19. Sheldrake

    Sheldrake The Mayor of London's latest dress code

  20. Sheldrake

    Sheldrake The Mayor of London's latest dress code

    I think this appeared in The War Illustrated
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