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Discussion in 'Postwar' started by soren1941, Sep 2, 2008.

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    ps can you spell check my posts for me too ;)
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    I'm glad you dropped the patronizing 'now run along'. Not very polite at all.
  3. Drew5233

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    How about Jog on?
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    "Engine Lift"? We call them "Pack Lifts". I wonder why the difference?
  5. Drew5233

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    Probably because you know more about everything than me.
  6. marcus69x

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    Great stuff Drew. That hole in pic 522 reminds me of the one they found Saddam hiding in.
  7. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot 1940 Obsessive

  8. Peter Clare

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    In the bitter cold and wind of the North Yorkshire Moors, a group of soldiers, Royal Marines and others are learning how to call in air-strikes and become 'forward air controllers' on the front lines in Afghanistan.

    BBC NEWS | UK | Training the RAF's eyes and ears
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    "Yoeman"? Or even Yeoman, as in Yeoman of Signals?
  10. South

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    Fantastic photographs! I've just spent far too long looking through them all, having followed the link from the recent Iraq programme thread. My husband particularly enjoyed the Shaibah airfield ones which is where he spent most of his time (lots of pointing and "I remember that!").

    Perhaps I'll try and add some of his photos later on although he only has a few taken from a disposable camera.
  11. South

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    Here are a few from Iraq, not a patch on the previous ones posted I'm afraid. but perhaps of some interest to some:

    Sleeping quarters at Shaibah

    Shower facilities at Shaibah:

    Apparently this is dress state 4Romeo?:

    My husband in a hole somewhere near Shaibah:

    Watching the hole go 'bang':

    Iraqi tank of some sort:

    Writing home from the back of a DAF at Shaibah:
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    Each to their own P-P, besides he wanted it with me when he heard about my record as the most photographed soldier in Iraq. I think he was after some tips ;)


    Too true...Nothing wrong with the odd pic or two...Britlliant Drew...Apart from Tone one...But wouldn't we all..

    Can still sit here and bemoan the Iraq war as I will...But your pics are superb matey. If you have to invade somewhere you might as well do it properly...Looks like you and your mates did it properly..Well done.
  13. pierce09

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    few from later in the war in Iraq and a few from Afghanistan between 2007 and 2010
    Union Flag with a 'Jimmy' on it over Sangin
    memorial at Bastion
    view into Nahr-e Saraj, Helmand
    not much in Afghanistan!
    warriors at the Shatt-al-arab Hotel, Basra
    Mosque at Saddam's Palace, now the mess, Basra 2005

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