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    This is a long shot. Has anyone a copy of the book Currant Bread by Michael John Bird, of Uttoxeter, published in 2010. It is a WW2 book about his time after being evacuated as a child from London. Mick was my late father's brother, Bob Bird. Bob served with the Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment and then the Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment. Bob was the eldest brother who became separated from the family. I know this is a long shot but I have had many positive results, via WW2 Talk, regarding MAEE and AFEE.
    Fingers crossed.
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    Thank you Owen.Thank you WW11 Talk
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    Got my Currant Bread and read how my Uncle Mick suffered as a child evacuee from London to a new life in rural Uttoxeter separated from his family. Only post war did the separated brothers get back together.
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    As a child Uncle Mick took in his stride the ammunition dump exlosion near his village on November 1944, the largest explosion ever in Britain which killed up to 70 people Windows rattled for miles around. Some houses and farms were blown up, tractors with their drivers overturned, wrote Mick. I was too young to understand the significance despite being evacuated because of the bombing of Southern England, he wrote..
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