Cultural intiative to remember the Romanian Campaign

Discussion in 'Prewar' started by Morar Andrei, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. Morar Andrei

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    This year, Romania gets into the aniversary of 100 years since the end of the Great War and the Great Union of December 1st 1918.

    Because Romania is many times forgotten in the history pages, I decided to initiate 2 cultural programmes to inform the people:

    1) the blog "Aspects of the Romanian Front", where I write different stories about the army and its battles from 1916-1917, or about social aspects, such as "Romanian Soldiers in the Austro-Hungarian Army"

    2) by creating a series of videos on YouTube called "Battles of the Romanian Army", where I talk about different battles, more or less known, that took place in the First World War. The first one is already done, being entitles "The Battles for Făgăras County"

    * "Aspects of the Romanian Front" is a blog placed on The Great War Forum. Sorry for not mentioning.

    Aspects of the Romanian front
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  2. Morar Andrei

    Morar Andrei Active Member

    Here is a little update to the situation (sorry for the lack of English subtitles, I promise to add them tomorrow). One of the last Napoleonic style charges, the battle for Prunaru village. Enjoy!

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  3. Morar Andrei

    Morar Andrei Active Member

    Subtitles are finally here! Suddenly, I start thinking that the project is not going very well on the video section. People look not to appreciate my effort. I thank you for you support and the fact you enjoy them. Hope to get more lucky on this section....
  4. Morar Andrei

    Morar Andrei Active Member

    Now, after a while, I want to announce that I began a mini-series about the equiment of the Romanian army in WW1. I will explain everything grom infantry weapons, artillery, aviation, navy, uniforms and so on. Here are my first two results:

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  5. papiermache

    papiermache WO 356 Mechanic


    For your next film can we have pictures of Airships, please ?

    Very pretty Sopwith at 6 minutes. Thank you.

  6. bamboo43

    bamboo43 Very Senior Member


    Thank your these posts and the unusual and worthy subject matter.
  7. Morar Andrei

    Morar Andrei Active Member

    Honestly, many pictures from Romania are very hard to get or even impossible. The Romanian photographers did not so many photos, compaired to the Western Front, or other fronts of the war. At a moment, there was only a hand of photographers in Romania, cameras being something very rare, that only few people could afford them.
  8. Morar Andrei

    Morar Andrei Active Member

    For exanple, there are no images left with the Lewis machineguns used by the Romanian armed forces, even if they bought aproximately 50 in 1917.

    And I think that I was very lucky to find the Sopwith Strutter with Romanian markings.
  9. papiermache

    papiermache WO 356 Mechanic

    The Sopwith makes for a striking image, I'm glad that you found it.
  10. Morar Andrei

    Morar Andrei Active Member

    I'm very sorry if thus reply is completely off-topic, but besides military history, I also tried at the beginning to cover another Romanian historic (or better said prehistoric) aspect: the dinosaur species that lived on the Western side of of the country, placed during the Cretaceous period on a small island called Hateg.

    And also, a bit of history in images about my town in the last 100-150 years (accompanied by some nice Romanian Interwar period music).


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