Cruiser Tanks in North Africa

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  1. enzus59

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    Hi All,

    i like know which tank units losted the following Cruiser Tanks:

    - T 15239
    - T 9182 nickname ELISSA

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  2. KevinT

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    Hi Enzus,

    Do have any photos of these Cruisers by any chance?


  3. Roddy1011

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    Hope this helps...


    T. 9182

    A13 Mk.II - Cruiser Mk.IV

    Contract T/6552 to Nuffield Mech & Aero

    COO Chilwell, 3rd & A Sqn, 5th Royal Tank Regiment

    Initial Engine No. N160
    Subsequent Engine No. N152

    Nov 40 - UK to Egypt. Veh noted with 3 RTR & loaded for mov to N Africa - 2 Armd Div War Diary, TNA File WO 166/815 -

    30 Mar 41- Veh fm 3 to 5 RTR, replacing T. 5951. Fan & radiators u/s. Veh later dest by thermos bombs during raid - Southon Papers, BTM -

    Veh initially listed in CIM Log - Tk Mus 623.438 (41) WD Nos/2

    T. 15239

    A13 Mk.IIA - Cruiser Mk. IVA - A13

    Contract T/7854 to Nuffield Mech & Aero

    COO Chilwell, A & C Sqns, 2nd Royal Tank Regiment (& att 7th Queens Own Hussars)

    Initial Engine No: N201

    7 Jul 40 - Veh arrives with 2 RTR post Dunkirk. To A Sqn - Regt War Diary, NA File WO166/1403 -

    16 Apr 41 - C Sqn refurbished fm El-Wardian RAOC Wksp, Alexandria - 10 May 41 - Veh to 2/3 Aust Army Fd Wksp via 8 Rec Sect - Wksp War Diary, AWM 52: 14/2/3 via Shane Lovell Archive -

    11 May 41 - Veh reported as a Z cas - 8 Jul 41 - All regt A.13s to C Sqn - 9 Jul 41 - 2 RTR HO/TO with 7H less 1 x sqn each. C Sqn, 2 RTR att 7H - 30 Aug 41 - Veh noted with C Sqn again on regt refurbishment at Sidney Camp, Asmiyra - 27 Sep 41 - C Sqn, 2 RTR & 1 x 7H sqn to Base Wksps by train for re-fitting after tracking to Gerawla. Sunshields to be fitted - Regt War Diary, PRO WO169/1410 -

    Veh initially listed in CIM Log - Tk Mus 623.438 (41) WD Nos/2
  4. Roddy1011

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    ENZUS59 -

    Apologies - veh details for you...are you looking at the Greek Campaign ?

  5. enzus59

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    Hi Roddy

    Thanks so much. Incredible data.

    I am looking at the North Africa campaign with collection photos, books and writing something about forgotten fightings.
    If you need something about Greek Campaign from Italian side i can search something in my books or in IT Archives.

  6. Roddy1011

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    Enzus -

    Are you linked into any Italian Archives ?

    Two things I would dearly love to see:

    A. Any details of Allied vehicles captured and used...

    B. Details of any vehs handed over to Italian Forces after September 1943 or the war...

    In both cases any veh serial numbers would be fantastic...

    Anything else you need along similar lines, let me know.

  7. KevinT

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    Thanks Roddy,

    All the more pieces to the puzzle.



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