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    Hi all, got a query, see if anybody can shed light on it please, if possible. Don’t know if anybody seen on twitter, I’ve been putting out images of No.1 Commandos official War Diary daily on the run up to the Battle of Hill 170 in Kangaw, Burma. My grandfather was in that unit and was there at that time too, so I just wanted to do a chronically list of their events for it from their war diary. I was messaged though by someone giving me a heads up, saying that I would possibly in be in breach of Crown Copyright for the National Archives on reproducing them on the ‘internet’/social media sites, even though I’ve purchased them and fines could be imposed if caught or continued. Just wondering if anybody is aware of this and does it affect anybody, when people on here post pages from war diaries, POW questionnaires, etc., on here, websites or social media sites? Look forward to your replies and thanks in advance.
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    If you research in the County Record Offices, sometimes referred to now as History Centres, they charge you for taking photos of documents and you have to sign a document declaring you will not share. Tough one eh.

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