Crocodile for sale. (WW2 vehicles spotted in the classifieds)

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    The Morris sold within a couple of days of being advertised, the daimler heavy being somewhat more expensive might take a while longer to sell.

    Yes Ive worked on and driven that car.

    It would benifit from a bit of regular usage & a bit more adjustment/maintenance.
    But is substantualy complete and does what is is supposed to.
  2. von Poop

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  3. von Poop

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    A few prices reached at the above auction - noting for reference:
    Auctions America - Collector Car Auctions
    Some that look like bargains to me, and some surprises.

    Autocar COE semi - $6.5k
    Opel Blitz - $10-12k
    1940 Norton 16H $8k
    Breda 40 - $37k
    C15 CMP - $25k
    20MM Flak 30 - $21k
    PAK 36 - $23.5k
    Horch EFM - $150k!
    Puppchen - $13k
    RSO - $35-39k
    Loyd Carrier - $25k
    BMW R75 & sidecar - $38k!
    DUKW - $97k
    Steyr 1500 - $130k!
    Renault UE - $45k
    Maultier - $42.5k-$65k
    White M3a1 - $38k
    Borgward HKL (SdKfz.11) - $145k
    Phanomen Granit 1500A/Kfz 70 - $72.5K
    Lorraine Schlepper - $32k
    RSO Pak 40 - $32.5k
    Late pattern Auto-Union SdKfz.11 - $75k
    Hexonaut - $47.5k (bargain of the day)
    GW39H - $35K (What was wrong with that then...)
    SdKfz.251 - $160K
    Dragon wagon - $40k
    Flak 88 - $65K
    Sdkfz.8 - $200K
    Humber FWD box - $33K
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  5. canuck

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    View attachment 90843

    Looks like the grandfather to a very popular civilian ATV here in Canada, the Argo.
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    Blimey, must be the season for WW2 machines on Milweb.
    Armour & Tracked Classifieds

    Staghound Project:
    View attachment 98238

    Couple of rather unusual 40s Scandinavian Beasties:

    Volvo VKP:
    View attachment 98239

    View attachment 98240

    Two Krads (A mere 110,000 & 80,000 Euros... ) :
    View attachment 98244

    View attachment 98245

    That delightful Carden Loyd repro at £26,500:
    View attachment 98241

    A T55-driven M36 Jackson:
    View attachment 98242

    And a complete SdKfz.7 (I'd love to know what that goes for...)
    Sdkfz 7.jpg

    Loads more Halftracks, Chaffees, M3, M5, Weasel etc. on there at the mo.
    Get 'em while they're hot!
  7. OpanaPointer

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    Check this out on Google Earth: 38°55'49.72" N 90°25'59.81" W

    I wonder how much it would cost?
  8. von Poop

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    Dakota? (Rubbish at planes).
    Honestly surprised at how little some seem to go for, though I suppose demand is variable, and operation costs hardly peanuts...

    Nearly 60K hours one one I just looked at. Scary stuff for the grown-ups to play with.
  9. OpanaPointer

    OpanaPointer Pearl Harbor Myth Buster

    I would only use it for bombing Illinois.
  10. von Poop

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    Can't see a Sdkfz7 without thinking about Lee Marvin and his merry band.
  13. TTH

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    If anyone spots an M3 series medium (Grant/Lee), let me know.
  14. von Poop

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    170-odd more lots to come in the Littlefield sale. Bet there's an M3 or two in there somewhere.
  15. von Poop

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  16. SDP

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    Details elsewhere imply that only post-WW2 stuff is being sold with the rest going to a WW2 oriented museum.....although the Stuart may throw that theory out of the window.....unless, of course, the new place has already got one.....oh, how I love double-negatives.
  17. von Poop

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    I get the impression that the Collings Foundation are picking out the cream and what they can store/display, but a fair few WW2 bits and pieces are showing.
  18. SDP

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    I hope you're correct!....not that I can afford anything anyway!
  19. von Poop

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  20. SDP

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    ....and it hasn't even got an MOT. :)

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