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  1. nemesis

    nemesis Senior Member

    Is there a POW list for the British captured at Crete, looking for Black Watch soldiers
  2. jacksun

    jacksun Senior Member

    Nemesis, best I can do is a list of all men in my POW database that have Black Watch listed as their Regiment/Unit. There are 1501 men listed I believe. If you sort out which ones were captured at Crete I would love to add the info to my database.

    German POW camps only I'm afraid (Italian POW lists haven't been transcribed yet).


    View attachment Black_Watch_POW_list.xls
  3. nemesis

    nemesis Senior Member

    Wayne. My man is

    First Name(s):Da
    Last Name:Maclean
    Camp No.:344
    PoW No.:24185
    Soldier No.:2754251
    Record Office:Infantry Record Office, Perth
    Camp Type:STALAG
    Camp Location:Lamsdorf
    Regiment:The Black Watch
  4. Mike L

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    I came across this book today in the reference section of a local library. I never knew this book existed, but it might be of use to you.
    ISBN shown in image below.

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  5. nemesis

    nemesis Senior Member

    Thanks for info, not seen it before
  6. Mike L

    Mike L Very Senior Member

    That's what the forum is all about mate - sharing info.

    Good luck with your research.
  7. RockyRogue

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    My great uncle was a Crete POW. Albert Henry Le Vier (Vx24688) he was in Oflag 3c & then moved to Stalag 383.

    I have just purchased a book on ebay there are plenty available,
    The Fall of Crete, by Alan Clark. Apparently there is a group photo in there, amongst others. When my copy arrives I can have a look for you and see if there is anything in there that may be of interest to you, unless you wish to buy your own copy as well :)
  8. nemesis

    nemesis Senior Member

    Thanks for the info on the book, will have a look for it
  9. nemesis

    nemesis Senior Member

    Black Watch Crete Casualty Pte David Findlay.

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