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    I m interested in seeing if any of you know this Polish veteran who was also connected with SOE?
    Also a rather good artist
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    On a quick scan there is no published obituary and it appears he retired to Alderney, even working for Channel TV as a cameraman (presumably to cover local stories). From: Reporting on Channel

    Have you looked at the Polish records? There is a historical institute in London, the name escapes me. Try: The Institute of Polish Military History (IPMH) Lecture Plan 2021 - 2022 and PISM | Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum | Instytut Polski i Muzeum gen. Sikorskiego

    He was born in 1923.

    Send Jedburgh a PM he is our SOE expert, he dips in here occasionally.

    A cricketeer's book refers to him as born in Poland, and studied in Rome and London, living in Britain after the war. From:"count+D'Aquino"+++"poland"&pg=PA140&printsec=frontcover

    A data agglomeration site for names and addresses shows his home on Alderney was:
    Le Petit Val, Alderney, GUERNSEY GY9 3UU. From: (D'Aquino), Le Petit Val, Alderney, GUERNSEY, GY9 3UU - Details and Information - Address Postcode Finder

    There was a company D'Aquino Studio (Alderney) Limited, which appears on an Australian cricket museum, for several figurines. From: D'Aquino Studio (Alderney) Limited

    Oddly the company nor Andre Aquino as a director are shown on the UK Companies House, though they do drop data off after several years. Ah, Alderney has its own company registration process and it is not online! You have to pay, for details see: Company Registry Searches - Alderney Court

    His death can be searched offline, for details: Searching the Registers - Alderney Court

    All done in an effort to get more information! Nowt on SOE found, which is not a surprise.
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