Could someone help with this chap please col.t.w.macdonald border regiment

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    Hello Andrew welcome to the forum and adding the details and the picture of your granda for others to see.

    Regards Michael.
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    Welcome Andrew found these on Ancestry.


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    This is a photo of the actual medals held at Carlisle Castle.

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    Difficult to see but Brevet Colonel MacDonald is nearest the camera 3 back of the column with 7 medals. I have the original of this.

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    Isle of Man, not sure of the year late 30's perhaps. Seated 4th from the left.

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    My late father served 5th Border May 1935 until he enlisted in Regular Army in Jan 1937. I recall him mentioning attending his only summer TA camp in IOM - so likely 1936 unless further camps were held there pre 1940?

    I’ll have to check his Attestation papers to see if they are signed by your grandfather:)

    He was street lining in London with Coldstream Guards 12th May 1937.


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