Could a tellermine be neutralised?

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    A note in the training section of my father's paybook for April 1944 says: 'Neutralised tellermine.' However, I understood that a tellermine - a German anti-tank mine - could not be made safe because of its anti-handling devices. My father was an RA gunner and not a specialist in mine clearance. Has anyone any thoughts?
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    IWM Non Commercial License
    South African sappers making German Teller mines safe, 12 January 1942

    THE CAMPAIGN IN SICILY 1943. © IWM (NA 5130)
    IWM Non Commercial License
    The Drive for Messina 10 July - 17 August 1943: A huge dump of German Teller mines captured by the Americans near Roccopalunba during their drive on Palermo.

    and another way of 'neutralising'...

    IWM Non Commercial License
    A German prisoner engaged in clearing a minefield near Stavanger fixes a fuse to a Teller mine. These mines were too dangerous to move and so were blown up where they were located.
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    Mines were a constant problem when Artillery Batteries moved into a new location.

    2nd Sept 1944, 67th Field Regiment RA TA lost three Officers and a Bombardier when their Survey Jeep struck a nest of Teller mines, blowing it over a wall,
    when entering a new position in Florence.
    After which Survey Teams were taught how to clear mines.

    4th Sept 1944

    Note from the diary
    Mine sweeping new battery  positions.JPG

    Teller mine - Wikipedia
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