Correspondents in Asia - WW2, Korean War, Cambodian War 1970-1975 - A Tribute

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    Recent discussions, concerning War Correspondents/Reporters/Cameramen, caused me to search my files for any images - grave markers and memorials - relating to this subject-matter. note: 10 images attached

    World War 2 (total 7)
    Papua New Guinea

    SMITH W.

    WEST W.E.

    PARER D.P.

    Korean War (total 2)

    Cambodian War - covering period 1970-1975 (total 37)

    Lest We Forget

    Tony Buckley :poppy:
    1970-1975 Memorial To War Corrspondents, Phnom Penh, Cambodia © BUCKLEY C., UNMCK, South Korea © ELLIOTT J., Labuan War Cemetery, Borneo © PALMER R.K., Port Moresby War Cemetery, Papua New Guinea © PARER D.P., Ambon War Cemetery, Indonesia © PEARCY D.A.G., UNMCK South Korea © RAYNER P.A., Port Moresby War Cemetery, Papua New Guinea © SMITH W., Labuan War Cemetery, Borneo © WEST  W.E., Rangoon War Cemetery, Myanmar-Burma ©
    MOTI LAL KATJU, Face 112, Rangoon Memorial, Myanmar-Burma © .jpg
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    That is a fine tribute there Tony. It reminded me that two War Correspondents perished with General Wingate in March 1944. More information can be read from the link below and I should mention that our good friend on the forum, Raj, has been heavily involved in erecting a memorial at the actual crash site.

    War Correspondents with the Chindits, including the story of Moti Lal Katju.
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    Thanks for sharing those links Steve - makes for very detailed and facinating reading. Have noted Captain Moti Lal Katju's role as War Correspondent/Official Observer (Operation Lioncloth)/Indian Army Press Officer and, as such, have added both his name to my original post and included a 10th image which shows his name on Face 112 of The Rangoon Memorial. As an aside: Have e-books (pdf) versions of 2 books written by Alaric Jacob - ''A Traveller's War'' and ''A Window in Moscow.'' Am happy to share copies with those who provide me with an e-mail address.
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    Thanks for adding Moti Lal Katju to your post Tony. Both books mentioned are very good reads if other's are interested.

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