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Discussion in 'Italy' started by SixPounder, May 15, 2020.

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    Morning all

    I’m looking to identify which RA Anti-Tank unit may be in these IWM photos (link to my own page and analysis):

    The IWM Photo Mystery

    They’re recorded as 269 Battery, 87th Anti-Tank, which isn’t correct. Anyone have a AT regiment with a 269 Battery in the Foglia area please?

  2. The caption sheet for NA18188 on the IWM website actually states 268/87 A tk Regt:

    The caption for NA18189 mentions 46 Div, so the unit might be 229/58 A tk Regt, twice mistyped as 269/87 A tk Regt.

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    Good spot! Thanks Michel. So 58th AT fits region/campaign?
  4. Chris C

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    According to wikipedia, 58 AT was 46 Div's anti-tank regiment from July 1940 onward. So yes.
  5. Looking at it again, it's more probably 268/67 A tk Regt of 56 Div which operated alongside 46 Div during the assault on the Gothic Line.

    That would make just one typo (268/87 i/o 268/67), probably the result of bad handwriting on the original caption.

    Once the 56 Div option is contemplated, its formation sign becomes quite clearly apparent on the half track:

    NA_18188 - 268-67 A tk Regt, 56 Div approach R Foglia, 1 Sep 44 [Lupson] - Notes.jpg

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    This is why I always tell people to use this forum! Outstanding Michel thanks! I’ll credit you when I update.
  7. Gary Tankard

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    67 Anti-Tank WD entry for 1st September.

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  8. Thanks Gary, this is great!

    I gather that at that time (assault on the Gothic Line) 67 A tk comprised 171, 267, 268 & 302 Btys. Do you know the troop lettering across the Btys, and which one would have been the 17 pr tp in 268 Bty (E or F, or even maybe D Tp)?

    I suspect it might have been as follows, but I have no clear evidence for it:

    267 Bty – A Tp (6 pr), B Tp (6 pr), C Tp (17 pr)
    268 Bty – D Tp (6 pr), E Tp (6 pr), F Tp (17 pr)
    302 Bty – G Tp (6 pr), H Tp (6 pr), I Tp (17 pr)
    171 Bty – J Tp (6 pr), K Tp (6 pr), L Tp (17 pr)

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  9. Gary Tankard

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    Hi Michael,

    Based on reference sin the WDs from Sept 43 - Mar 45 (when the Regiment received M10s and was reorganised) the troops are correct. Unfortunately, it is only in the January 1945 WD where troops are referred to with gun types - as below.

    267 - A (6 pdrs), B (17 pdr), C (6pdr),
    268 - D (6pdr), E, F
    302 - G (17pdr), H (6pdrs), I
    171 - J (6pdrs)), K, L

  10. Gary Tankard

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    It appears the photographer Sergeant Tupson was at Monte Fabbri on the 30th August taking photos of 51 RTR. I think the photo was taken of vehicles going down what is now the Via Cagolina. The photo mentions a dozer built road and it isn't on the map above (albeit 1:100,000). The Street View has some similarities although difficult with more vegetation and being colour.

    Google Maps


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