Corporal J. F. Hone 1923-2004

Discussion in 'Burma & India' started by Mark Hone, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. Mark Hone

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    On Monday I held the funeral for my dear father 14301957 Corporal John Hone, 1st Battalion the Northamptonshire Regiment, 1943-47. A proud 'Steelback', his Burma Star beret with Northamptons' cap-badge was placed on the coffin along with his medals and Union Flag. I was very pleased that the Olton, Solihull, branch of the Royal British Legion turned out with their standard bearer. Coincidentally the Richard Holmes 'The Map Room: Burma' programme was repeated on BBC4 the day after. I caught the last 30 seconds of it. To my chagrin I have now missed this widely acclaimed programme (which paved the way for the Prof's many subsequent series) both times it has been shown. Does anyone happen to have it on tape? Generous terms offered to borrow it!
  2. Paul Reed

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    Mark - very sorry to read that your father has 'faded away'. It is a day that must come to us all; my own dad is 85 now and fit for his age, but one always worries.

    Sorry I can't help with a copy of the programme you mentioned; have you tried contacting the BBC direct? Stress you are a teacher; I know sometimes they provide material for use in schools.
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    Sorry to hear of your father's demise. I'm glad he had a good, long, run, and a funeral befitting a brave soldier of the Queen....and a good father.

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