Corporal George Henry Lee - 8th Army

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  1. Mark JS

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    I am attempting to find out more about my Grandfather George Lee.

    The only info I have to go on is that he was part of the 8th Army and was in North Africa and Italy. I have no service numbers or military information apart from a handful of grainy photos. I am hoping that someone will recognise either a location or one of the other soldiers in these photos to help me narrow down my search.

    I have searched through some online military records but there appears to be more than a few George Henry Lee's with the same rank and I cannot confirm them as I do not know what regiment or company he was in.

    If anyone can shed some light, I would be extremely grateful.

  2. Tony56

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    Official service records from the MOD are te ONLY way to go. You do not need any military details, just name date of birth, death certificate, £30 and a bit of patience.
    Get a copy of military service records
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  3. Mark JS

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    Hi Tony56 - Many thanks for the advice, I will give that a go.
  4. Tullybrone

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    Welcome to the forum.

    The partial Divisional Sign visible on the upper tunic arms in the third photo looks like 6th Armoured to me? Possibly taken in Austria post hostilities?

    6th Armoured Division (United Kingdom) - Wikipedia

    Appreciate it doesn’t narrow it down to a unit so just follow Tony’s advice and apply to MOD. Don’t pay for anything on the internet as only MOD hold WW2 records.

  5. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Mark as Tony stated please follow his advice

    Do not sign up for sites that charge you .They do not have service records and you will be conned out of your cash

  6. Mark JS

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    Thanks for that advice Clive, I'm off to cancel a subscription immediately!
  7. Mark JS

    Mark JS New Member

    Amazing, thanks Steve I shall follow that line and let you know.
  8. gmyles

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    In the third picture they are wearing formation badges.

    Chap in the left looks like from 1st Armd Div upload_2020-1-3_11-7-14.png [​IMG]

    Chap on the right looks like 6th Armd Div. upload_2020-1-3_11-7-40.png [​IMG]

    Source: British Formation Signs

    Both ADs were in 8th Army.

    But only his service records will confirm this.

    Hope this helps

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  9. minden1759

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    6 British Armoured Division were in Italy after Apr 44 and ended up in Austria so that would fit.


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