Cornelius Ryan Collection of World War II Papers

Discussion in 'Research Material' started by Matias G, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. Matias G

    Matias G Junior Member

    Does anyone have access to this collection located at the Ohio University?
    Manuscript Collection

    Thank you.
  2. idler

    idler GeneralList

    I had a dozen or so pages off them in 2006 for the princely sum of $2.55 plus whatever it cost them to send it to the UK. Unless things have changed, you should be able to contact them by email and ask for a quote for the papers you need. I think I actually sent cash (naughty) but they might have more up-to-date payment options now.
  3. Matias G

    Matias G Junior Member

    Hello. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried to contact them last year and they told me the archive was only available to Universities.
    I thought to ask here because maybe someone has a copy, access to them or can tell me how to get one. Maybe I'm not following the right procedures with Ohio? I will try to contact them again.

    Thank you.
  4. Tom OBrien

    Tom OBrien Senior Member


    many thanks for reminding me. I have also wanted to access these papers - I'll e-mail Ohio university and see what response I get. Maybe we can compare notes on completion.


  5. arnhem2280

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    Has anyone had any experience with the Mahn Centre at Ohio University ?They hold all Cornelius Ryan's transcripts that he compiled for using in 'The Longest Day' and 'Bridge to far' films. The interviews were from members of the armed forces and civilians involved. There are also a number of documents regarding the planning of both operations.

    My reasons for asking are that I would like to get copies of an interview and pro forma he compiled regarding two members of the A/B forces who were involved in Operation Market Garden.

    Any advice would be gratefully received.


  6. Alan Allport

    Alan Allport Senior Member

    The short answer is 'no', but I would caution you that most US university libraries are understaffed and underfunded, and so may not be able to accommodate remote requests - in other words, you may have to physically go there in order to get what you want.

    Also, policies differ, but it may be that the library will require some credentialing beforehand (i.e. evidence from a publisher or employer that you are a bona fide academic researcher).

    One possibility might be to seek out a graduate student at the university who may be willing to do the on-site work you need for modest compensation. Graduate students are mostly friendly, knowledgeable, and poor, and so make excellent intellectual coolies.

    Best of luck,

  7. horsapassenger

    horsapassenger Senior Member

    I wrote to them some years ago about some specific interviews with members of my Father's regiment and they were kind enough to send me copies of these at no cost.

  8. Cee

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    I was in correspondence for a short time with the son of a 6th Airborne Signal sergeant who was able to acquire a transcription of Ryan's written interview notes. So it is possible depending on who you are representing - a family member for example. Perhaps special consideration is given to genuine researchers if you can establish your credibility?

    Regards ...
  9. TTH

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  10. arnhem2280

    arnhem2280 Member

    Thanks everyone I will contact them and see if they can help me.


  11. roodymiller

    roodymiller Senior Member

    I've had several copies of accounts and have never had a problem. And they were free as well... go for it.

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