Converting a Hasbro M8 Greyhound to an M20 Command Car

Discussion in 'Modelling' started by Smudger Jnr, Nov 8, 2013.

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    I was asked what it looked like with a Crew inside and it appears that the average complement was three including the Commander, but sometimes just a Driver and Commander and up to Five in total at a squeeze.

    I thought that I would go along with three and chose the smallest figure that I have in my collection in order to squeeze him into the Drivers compartment.

    I looked at a lot of period photographs and the Driver and Radio Operator always appeared to be sitting high up with their head showing well above the armoured Roof line with the covers open.
    From this I think that there must have been a big seat adjustment in the vertical, so that when not "Buttoned Up" the Driver and Radio Operator could jack up the seat for a better view.

    My "Shorty" sits in the compartment and his head is just below the hatch cover Level and Looks quite reasonable with both Hands on the Steering wheel.

    A few photographs showing the three Crew (the Commander is a Wanabee Patton) and the 1/6 th Allied collection of figures that I have put together.

    100_1143 (Large).JPG 100_1144 (Large).JPG 100_1146 (Large).JPG 100_1145 (Large).JPG 100_1147 (Large).JPG

  2. Za Rodinu

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    Please, Tom, the guys must feel a bit shaky that the brute on top will crack the shelf and tumble on top of them :P
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    few images of weathering on 1/35scale M20 models...
    ..less is more...

    real dirt slightly:

    When you put too much dirt of one type of composition on the vehicle then you can imagine it only in one specific setting ; one diorama (and thus one type of uniform for the figure).
    And then the dirt should be everywhere...also dust on the uniform.
    And you don't want that with the action figure.

    If you can (I think so, depending on paint type) I would wash the too heavy mud down..on large parts...(don't worry about smears)..and airbrush 2 different colours of mud/dust (one slightly darker= wet mud, the other slightly lighter) over the mud area , but also on top (light dust) of the vehicle.
    Simply take a good look on example scout vehicles, and you get the feeling where to spray and where not.

    this modeller always have nice and simple techniques:

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