Coningham Road, London 1940s

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  1. marketc47

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    I am looking for photos of Coningham Road, prefereable the bomb damage of the Baby Blitz.
    Or old pics of the street.

    Any experts on the Blitz here?
  2. Shiny 9th

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    Hi there, Have you searched under the word Blitz? There have been quite a few discussions on the subject.
  3. KevinBattle

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    11 residents of Coningham Street were killed on 20 February 1944, which would correspond with your Baby Blitz request. No other civilian deaths are recorded so it appears it escaped the main Blitz in 1940.
    You may do better searching local newspaper archives or Google the street. Sometimes the local library also has records.House numbers appear to be around the 130-140's
    Unusually they aren't just the very young or very old (although there are some) so perhaps attached to some nearby Government office?
  4. CL1

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  5. harkness

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    Coningham Road, 1939:

  6. marketc47

    marketc47 Junior Member

    Thank you for the replies. Something to start from.

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