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    Hi everyone I have been researching my grand uncle Stanley Conway he was involved in ww2 and I am really confused by the terminology with the military records I have found ects. so I am no here for your professional help,

    I have found a number of records which I have uploaded it seems from casualty reports they lost him for a while then he turned up in France as a POW it also says he GBM_RAM_DEATHS_AJ_01145.jpg returned home. I also found his medical card for him the regimental number is right as I have found his grave and it is on his grave the funny thing Is he is buried in the uk in his own town with his farther, from his death certificate he died of TB in Ormskirk Lancashire would have this been a hospital ?.

    and lastly I have found a hesitation report what is this used for ?

    any information you can tell me from these records will be greatly appreciated as I do find it difficult to read some of the words. if I have reported something wrong please tell me. Many thanks

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    I have numbered your 3 queries above for ease of response as follows -

    1. You have attached the series of official War Office “Casualty” List reports that are available on FMP. The term “Casualty” also covers Missing In Action, POW etc as you can see.

    It is the norm for soldiers to be mentioned several times under different categories as new information is received via Swiss Red Cross.

    Your relative appears to have been mistakenly reported as died whilst a POW but that error is corrected in a later report and he is shown as repatriated to U.K. (presumably as he had a terminal diagnosis for his TB) and then lastly as died 18th January 1944.

    2. The second form you've attached is a Royal Artillery Casualty Card which details his death from illness. I would expect he would’ve died in the Military Hospital in Ormskirk - the old Ormskirk District Hospital was used as a Military Hospital in both WW1 and WW2.

    3. I don’t recognise the term “hesitation card” so can’t respond on that point.

    You can apply to U.K. MOD for his full service file (cost £30) and could also consider applying to Swiss Red Cross for his POW record (free online service) when the next enquiry window opens 14th May.

    Good Luck

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    S/L Is probably Searchlight Regiment.

    The numbers are probably battery and regiment, so it is probably 2 Regiment, 1 Battery. It looks like 2 S/L Regt had 8 Batteries.

    Everything the National Archives has on that Regiment can be seen at Search results: "2 Searchlight Regiment" | The National Archives

    But you need to get his service records to be absolutely sure.

    Hope this helps

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    England & Wales, Civil Registration Death Index, 1916-2007
    Name: Stanley Conway
    Death Age: 24
    Birth Date: abt 1920
    Registration Date: Mar 1944
    Registration district: Ormskirk
    Inferred County: Lancashire
    Volume: 8b
    Page: 803

    A copy of his death cert will tell you what he died of

    I note on his attestation that he was posted to S/L on 28 Jan 1942 - so he was in the UK at this point - when was he a POW, he doesn't appear in either Ancestry or in WO 392/1, and repatriation voyages didnt start until 1943

    The actual exchange of prisoners did not take place until October 1943:
    19th October 1943: Disabled PoWs repatriated in Prisoner Exchange



    Definitely need to see the service records for this person
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    hi and thank you very much for your help, you all have cleared a few thinks up for me and I am pretty excited now, I am going to order his records from the MOD and the swiss red cross as available when the date opens. I will post my findings in due course, I am going to do a little research on the search light regiment he was in for now and see what information I can find out about that :)
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    Here is the link to download the forms for the service record application process -

    Get a copy of military service records: Apply for the records of someone who's deceased - GOV.UK

    If you can clarify - or attach again - the form you call a “hesitation card” perhaps we can help some more.

    Here is Red Cross link -

    Requests for information about people held during the Spanish Civil War or the Second World War: Quarterly limit reached

    You need to be quick off the mark when the window opens 14th May and complete and submit the online application form immediately as the window closes after 48/72 hours as Red Cross quarterly limit is reached very quickly

    Good Luck.

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    Hi In case you don't know he is remembered on the Cudworth War Memorial. The link is
    Good luck with your research
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    thanks I think I will be waiting up till 12am on the night just to make sure I don't if that's how it works but be worth a try. I didn't know he was on the war memorial think I may have to have a look tomorrow. Thanks
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    I don’t think you’ll need to be poised with your fingers over your keyboard at 00.01am (BST) 14th May 2018 as ICRC office staff don’t work nights

    I’d check it 8am (BST) and then every hour until the application form is online. I remember that when I wanted to submit an application form it wasn’t available online until mid morning of the opening day.

    Good Luck

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    Thanks Steve :)
  11. The Viking

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    UPDATE : I have been doing a lot of research regarding Stanley and finally found a picture of him and more info on his death. A news article I have found from our local paper dated 1944 explained a lot of him. I have attached for you to read.

    Now I know he was held in stalag pow camp so am I naive to think they would be POW card for him ? where would I possibly locate this ? Now I know what he looks like I am trawling through pics trying to see if I can spot him.

    I would like to thank all of you for the help I have received before hand your expertise are really amazing. Thank you :).

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    Did you apply to Red Cross for his POW papers?

    German POW records were seized in 1945 and are still held in U.K. National Archives. The German Index Card used to be available for free via FOI request but as per below link UK NA have now digitised German POW records they hold and will release on payment.

    IMHO the majority of the German POW records will consist of the Index Card only. I have my father’s Index Card. It does not tell me any more than his ICRC records. It is German script and is difficult to read.

    Have a look at the links and use the Discovery NA search engine.

    Good Luck.


    TNA started cataloguing records of POW’s in Germany
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    Thank you for your reply I did go on the site in the time window but must have happens so fast as I missed it looking to apply again in the next window. And would there possibly be a photograph with the card record ?
  14. Tullybrone

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    You’ll have to go on the NA search engine and see what documents they hold in the POW series.


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