Conflicts other than WW2.

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    My prime interest is, and always has been AFVs - leading into WW2. But I got bored with Shermans, T34s and the majority of Panzers!
    I have looked at the oddities of WW2 AFV - Finland, Romania, Hungary & Bulgaria principally.
    But I am particularly drawn to the T26 & BTs of Soviet Russia, which in their way were the pre-eminent tanks of the 30s, and intrigued by the fact that both are licence built copies of commercial designs, scorned in their home countries. Oh and this also draws in Cicjers & Vickers Carden Lloyd designs, so I am iinterested in Gran Chaco, SCW and particularly Khalkin Gol!

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    Well before I got involved in the project I do now on theDutch Tijger Brigade on Mid Java post world war 2.

    I was mainly British sall wars around the globe and German colonial wars.
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    Well before I got involved in the project I do now on theDutch Tijger Brigade on Mid Java post world war 2.

    How did I forget about this one? :blush:
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    BBC News today

    Other conflicts? Here is one from 553 years ago :)

    Battle of Northampton-Roses laid to commemorate fallen.
    Red and white roses have been laid on the Northamptonshire site of a battle that decided in 1460 the House of York would rule England.
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    So pleased I clicked on this thread One person asks a question and I get the most amazing history lesson thanks all of you. Elsie
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    I was thinking that since all the Falklands stuff has now been released at Kew, I might have a delve in there at some point.
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    My main interest is actually the Indonesian revolution especially on Mid-Java. But else I have read book on German Colonial Wars in Africa Dutch on Java and Sumatra. Just bought an old game "War Plan Orange" to try and play out thecrisis 1926-30 on the big map. If for nothing else it give a good training on place names.
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    Going to look into Ancient Greek Naval warfare for a change of topic.
    Have ordered this book to start with, Salamis: The Greatest Naval Battle of the Ancient World, 480BC by Barry Strauss.
    Going to re-read Herodotus - The Histories which I havent touched since 6th form.

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    Ancient History is one of my other pasions Owen... fortunately I have travelled extensively throughout Greece, Italy and Egypt looking at the various sites, but always with an eye on the military side...We are Spartans... We are Greeks!.

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    Two old generals in the Guards and Cavalry club entertaining a retired diplomat 'My grandfather fought with Redvers Buller. my father with Haig and I fought with Montgomery, the diplomat thought for a moment and replied, 'well as a family you are an argumentative load of beggars'.
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    I liked that !

    Nothing else to add to this very worthy thread simply because I have enough to do coping with ww2. :)

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    Then I'd recommend this very much. Marathon, Thermopylae and Salamis all very much included.
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    Simonides of Ceos, takes me back to schooldays and the various translations - 'Go, tell the Spartans thou passest by, that faithful to their precepts, here we lie'. One of .......?
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    From a family history perspective WW1, but I also have an interest in conflicts in Irish History up to the 1920's, particularly in the 1798 Rebellion.

    I know it is fiction but I am a big fan of the Patrick O'Brian books which has got me to reading about British Naval history during the Napoleonic Wars.

    Lately I have been reading a bit about the Winter War too.

    Other than that I will happily read almost anything that time permits. If only I had more of it!!!
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    Black Hawk War
    The Black Hawk War was a brief conflict between the United States and Native Americans led by Black Hawk, a Sauk leader. The war erupted soon after Black Hawk and a group of Sauks, Meskwakis, and Kickapoos, known as the "British Band", crossed the Mississippi River, into the U.S. state of Illinois, from Iowa Indian Territory in April 1832. Black Hawk's motives were ambiguous, but he was apparently hoping to avoid bloodshed while resettling on tribal land that had been ceded to the United States in the disputed 1804 Treaty of St. Louis.

    U.S. officials, convinced that the British Band was hostile, mobilized a frontier militia and opened fire on a delegation from the Native Americans on May 14, 1832. Black Hawk responded by successfully attacking the militia at the Battle of Stillman's Run. He led his band to a secure location in what is now southern Wisconsin and was pursued by U.S. forces. Meanwhile, other Native Americans conducted raids against forts and settlements largely unprotected with the absence of U.S. troops. Some Ho-Chunk and Potawatomi warriors with grievances against European-Americans took part in these raids, although most tribe members tried to avoid the conflict. The Menominee and Dakota tribes, already at odds with the Sauks and Meskwakis, supported the U.S.

    Commanded by General Henry Atkinson, the U.S. troops tracked the British Band. Militia under Colonel Henry Dodge caught up with the British Band on July 21 and defeated them at the Battle of Wisconsin Heights. Black Hawk's band was weakened by hunger, death, and desertion and many native survivors retreated towards the Mississippi. On August 2, U.S. soldiers attacked the remnants of the British Band at the Battle of Bad Axe, killing many or capturing most who remained alive. Black Hawk and other leaders escaped, but later surrendered and were imprisoned for a year.

    The Black Hawk War gave the young captain Abraham Lincoln his brief military service, although he never participated in a battle.[4] Other participants who later became famous included Winfield Scott, Zachary Taylor, and Jefferson Davis. The war gave impetus to the U.S. policy of Indian removal, in which Native American tribes were pressured to sell their lands and move west of the Mississippi River and stay there.

    Black Hawk War - Wikipedia
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    Spanish American War, Mexican Expedition and Russian Japanese War.


    Forgot to mention the Boxer Rebellion. Some strange international command structures in that one for sure.
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    I thought a valid question too, especially, pre war
    Cause, I see threads about WW1, etc, but little from 1933 to 1938.
    See, ma thread "The First Battle was won .........
    Did I put this in the wrong one?

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