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    Does anyone have a book on this unit to confirm this?

    This Bf 109G-2/Trop is painted to represent Black 6 in service with 8 Gruppe 77 FG flown in support of Rommell's Afrika Korps by Lieutenant Heinz Ludeman in 1942. Restored to fly in 1991 by Ron Snaddon and his team it flew from Duxford for five years. German squadron records and pilot's diaries show that this 109G was damaged in a dog-fight by Flight Sergeant W D Brown, a Canadian of 112 Squadron near

    Gambut,Cyrenaica (now Libya, "Western Desert" Brown 4 November 1942, (Ref Shark Squadron Pilot, Bert Horden, page 52-53), the pilot Lieutenant Heinz Ludemann, who although wounded managed to land in the desert. He got back to his Squadron but the plane was captured by the advancing 8th army. There where two browns in 112 squadron at this time this one was called for obvious reasons "Western Desert" Brown. LT Heintz Ludemann was shoot down and killed by 112 Squadron pilot Ray "Goose" Guess, RCAF J10277, on 10 March 1942.


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