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  1. Alasdair Mackay

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    During 2012 a friend and self wish to visit Concentration Camps that can be visited. Not sure where to start where to obtain travel information and feel sure that many forum members will have visited over the years. Wher do I start, all advice appreciated.
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    Hello Alasdair,

    Most info can be found on the internet and I think it depends mostly on where you are located, how many you want to do in one trip, which countries, etc.

    Personally I always put my destinations in either Google or MS autoroute and go from there. Personally I have been to:

    -KZ Westerbork (Netherlands)*
    -SS Sonderlager KZ Hinzert (Germany)*
    -KZ Neuengamme (Germany)
    -KZ Froslev (Padborg, Denmark)
    -KZ Mauthausen (Austria)
    -KZ Vught (Netherlands)
    -KZ Bergen-Belzen (Germany)*
    -KZ Dachau (Germany)
    -KZ Natzwiller (Le Struthof, France)

    If you like to know more about some of these, let me know.

    *Not much or none original remains

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