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    I am looking for the details of the compo-ration (14 men) menu G

    you know how to find the composition of the G box?

    and about compo ration 1 2 ant 3 without biscuits tin?


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    Not quite on the exact subject but my Dad remembered the issues he faced with ration distribution when he arrived with his battalion in Algeria in Nov '42:

    "After eating a breakfast from their packs of biscuit, margarine, jam and potted meat, they washed it down with a powdered tea mixture brewed up in their mess tins.Colour sergeants reported with fatigue parties and were issued their first 14 men packs of compo rations. E Company strength was about 116. I drew nine boxes and was told I owed two rations. Going back to the company, I distributed the packs. This was awkward because each platoon’s strength was not divisible by 14, being about 32 men. The juggling of ration numbers was to become a nightmare, particularly when a whole box of rations was deducted as owings."

    and then in Tunisia a few days later:
    "When we arrived at El Aroussa, we found boxes of rations had been broached and the more attractive items of food and cigarettes replaced by a half brick. This felony was compounded by the thought that sailors had risked their lives to bring half-bricks thousands of miles to be dumped in the hills of Tunisia. The absence of comforts was to be a trial and it would be months before fresh food and bread would replace the eternal hard tack."

    best wishes
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    Slightly off-topic I know but don't forget the inevitable "scrounging" and "liberating" that subsidised the compos packs. In Korea in '51 my dad was a Dingo scout car driver and manage to amass a respectable amount of, shall we say, "extras"

    "We scrounged some from the Yanks yesterday. On the scout car we have 24 tins of salmon, 20 tins of milk, 14lb of tea, 50lb of sugar, 7lb of bully, 10 tins each of pineapple, peaches, fruit salad, pears and cherries, 4 big boxes of ginger snaps and several boxes of currant biscuits. We also have a lot of icing, castor and brown sugar and flour. I might try making a Xmas cake."

    Wouldn't have thought there was enough room on a Dingo for all that lot!
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    thank you for your answers
    Cee, nice find for the PDF!

    best regards


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