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    Does anyone have information on the following members of 42 RTR fighting in the Western Desert in May/June 1942 and imprisoned in Fontanellato near Parma in that year? Escaped together September 1943. Lt. J Burman. Lt. W. Benzie. Lt. D. Grocock. I have some references to them in my father's 1943 escape diary - may be of interest to someone.
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    Hi, some details for Lt Burman from the War Diary for 1941 (WO169/1421):

    21 September 1941 SIDI BISHIR
    2/Lieut. J.W. Burman is posted to Unit and joins for duty.

    15 November 1941
    The following Officers move forward with the Battalion:

    B.H.Q. Commanding Officer, Lieut. Colonel A.R. Martin
    Adjutant Captain A.D. Steven
    B.T.A. Captain C.E.J. Godwin
    L.O. Captain W.B. Sant (just promoted)
    I.O. 2/Lieut. J.T.C. Gann
    S.O. 2/Lieut. J.W. Burman

    No mention of the other two though.

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    Thanks very much Tom. I think the other two must have joined later with my father. They were all reported missing together and I suppose captured together, escaped together and only split up for safety in escaping. But I never heard them mentioned. I wondered if Lt Benzie was any relation of Major Benzie..

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