Commonwealth Aircrew Stained Glass Window, Eglantine, Lisburn

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    I visited Eglantine Church a few days ago and tooksome pictures of the excellent stained glass window which is dedicated to the Commonwealth Air Crew who are buried in the Church Cemetry.

    The Church was within the general area of Long Kesh Airfield.

    Please take a look atthe pictures in the County Down section of my website at Second World War in Northern Ireland - Home

    If you are in a position to visit the church one of the few remaining airfield buildings can be found in a field nearby.
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    Thats great stuff! Another stop for me when I go North of the Border again.
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    Some photos of the church and cemetery:






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    Interestingly the church at Eglantine was built by Lord Dunleth's family whose name is Mulholland.
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    There are seven Aussies at Eglantine who were mostly from 5OTU.

    CONNELL, FRANCIS ALOYSIUS Flying Officer 421168 5 O T U 29/11/1943

    KEANE, JOHN RUSSELL Flying Officer 409839 5 O T U 29/11/1943

    McCALLUM, NORMAN FRANCIS DOUGALD Flight Sergeant 418001 5 O T U 29/11/1943

    MULLINS, WILLIAM MURRAY Flight Sergeant 418542 5 O T U 29/11/1943

    POTTER, ALAN GILBERT Flight Sergeant 417302 5 O T U 23/07/1943

    PRYDE, ALAN JAMES Flying Officer 436583 1674 HCU 19/03/1945

    TAUBMAN, KENNETH JOHN Flight Sergeant 424560 290sq 8/08/1944

    Eglantine 424560 Taubman_KJ.JPG

    Eglantine 418542 Mullens_WM.JPG

    Eglantine 417302 Potter_AG.JPG

    Eglantine 418001 McCallum_NFD.JPG

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    These stained glass windows are at Eglantine Church near Lisburn.
    They relate to the various Royal Air Forces which served at the nearby Long Kest Airfield.
    Sadly a number of Crews are buried in the Church Cemetery.
    For more please visit Second World War in Northern Ireland


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