Commandos: Men of Courage

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  1. Ivan1

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    What is everyone's opinion on it? I think this one is the best of the whole trilogy. While the first one has long repetitive levels and the third was completely unrealistic, Commandos 2 had the most restructured missions with great graphics and so many options how to complete it and get to the objectives.

    Butcher is btw my favorite character. :mad:

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    had played this game twice. The storyline was impressive, couldn't put it down at that time. However, in retrospect, in my opinion, a major drawback was that it was based on fictitious events. Have you ever watched BBC's "Great Raids of WWII" which includes chapters: 1. Stopping Hitler's A-bomb; 2. Prison Busters; 3. Radar Beam Raiders; 4. Storm at St. Nazaire; 5. Cockleshell Raiders; and 6. Arctic Commando Assault? From my perspective, real, daring and memorable Commandos' operations and veterans' accounts are already at our disposal, there was no need to devise other story frameworks.

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  3. von Poop

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    Haven't played this series for ages, (oddly I was looking at the boxes last night before you posted this) might have to reinstall - I do seem to recall that the second was the best.
  4. Ivan1

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    Thanks for the replies.

    You are correct that most of the events depicted are fictious. They even got some of the historical facts wrong; there is no Buddha statue in Burma. Most of the German uniforms are not corresponding with the actual ones.

    But in spite all of these facts, this game is still one of the best RTS I have ever played. The gameplay offers so much possibilities that you would only hardly stop playing it.
  5. Ivan1

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    Commandos 2 has many inaccuracies but most of them are intentional and mentioned in the game manual. The last six are found in the manual.

    • In mission "The Giant In Haiphong", the city Haiphong resembles a Chinese city, when in fact the city is in Vietnam. This inaccuracy extends to the game's website, which places Haiphong in China, and even wrongfully locates South East Asia.

    • There was no coastal battery on the Savo Island (The Guns of Savo Island).

    • In the mission "Target: Burma" where the player must liberate a Burmese town from Japanese control, there is a giant Buddhist statue in the temple area. In reality, there is no giant Buddha statue in Burma, it appears to be very similar to the Great Buddha of Kamakura of Japan.

    • Shinano was sunk before it was used in a battle (Bonus Mission, earned after collecting all bonus book at "Giants of Haiphong").

    • Many of the "German" and nearly all the "Japanese" phrases spoken in the game are grammatically incorrect, out of context, or simply nonsensical gibberish.

    • There are no piranhas in Asia.

    • Just about all the uniforms, Allies or Axis, are inaccurate.

    • The bridge over the river Kwai existed but was never destroyed and wasn't made of wood (The Bridge On The River Kwai).

    • There are no penguins in the Northern hemisphere (White Death)...

    • In La Rochelle, La Pallice submarine base had more than three halls (Das Boot, Silent Killer).

    • U-Boats did not have the capability of Icebreaking as demonstrated in the mission "White Death".
  6. Ivan1

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    The majority of the missions are based on Film and Literature:
    • The mission "The Bridge on the River Kwai" is based on the movie of the same name, and it involves the rescue of Colonel Guinness, who is based on Colonel Nicholson, portrayed by actor Sir Alec Guiness in the movie. The mission also involves destroying the Bridge, which looks very similar to the one seen in the movie.
    • The mission "Guns of Savo Island" involves the infiltration and destruction of the giant guns on the island. Because the name and the plot are very similar, this mission may also be based on the film The Guns of Navarone. However, in the same mission, the player is assisted by a "hero" character named Wilson who is based on Robinson Crusoue's character.
    • Saving Private Smith is loosely based on the movie Saving Private Ryan.
    • The mission "Das Boot, Silent Killers" is very loosely based on Das Boot.
    • The mission "Castle Colditz" (Actually based on the Nazi POW prison Oflag IV-C), involves the rescue of Allied soldiers in Germany, is loosely based on the films The Great Escape and The Colditz story.
    • The mission "Is Paris Burning?" is obviously related to film Is Paris burning?.

    • This game was packaged with Deus Ex, Tomb Raider Chronicles, and Thief 2 in an Eidos-released "Action 4-Play" pack for the PC.
    • A mod of this game called Commandos 2: Destination Paris (a reference to the title of Commandos 3: Destination Berlin) was created for PC in 2004, making the existing missions of Commandos 2 far more difficult to complete. In the mod, the player faces more dangerous enemies, redesigned levels and a shortage of items and ammunition. Created by Commandos 2 fans, the mod offers new challenges to seasoned players while still being accessible to newcomers.

    Thought this may be of interest.

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