Commando style comfort Wool caps in 1/6 scale

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    A good source for helping make wool Commando style caps in this scale is by sourcing old gloves and using the fingers.

    After no success searching the house for any suitable old wool gloves to use as base for making some commando style hats I found an old pressure leg stocking which I thought was pretty good colourwise and the top reinforement was suitable for the hat.

    I cut of the reinforced section and decided that the Piece would be perfect for two caps. I Hand stitched two centre vertical seams about 2mm apart and cut down the centre between the stitching, which left me with two bands.

    This meant that the only other stiching I had to do was along the top of the cap. As all stiches appear on the inside nothing is seen other than the inside seam at the rear when the hat is turned up at the outside.

    I am pleased with the end result and will probably make a few more as the whole exercise involved about an hour.

    The rest of the thiner part of the stocking I have cut into sections big enough to use as scarves, which also hides the bare kneck parts of any soldiers that do not have Shirts under their jackets.

    100_1471 (Large).JPG 100_1472 (Large).JPG

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