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    Due to be published in May 2019 is a book covering the fighting in the last months of the war in Tunisia. It is called The Battle of the Peaks and Long Stop Hill: Tunisia, April-May 1943 by Ian Mitchell.
    It is published by Helion, consists of 416 pages and is currently priced at £35.
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    Peter Hitchens has a new book that has just been published--looks controversial.

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    Was World War II really the `Good War'? In the years since the declaration of peace in 1945 many myths have sprung up around the conflict in the victorious nations. In this book, Peter Hitchens deconstructs the many fables which have become associated with the narrative of the `Good War'. Whilst not criticising or doubting the need for war against Nazi Germany at some stage, Hitchens does query whether September 1939 was the right moment, or the independence of Poland the right issue. He points out that in the summer of 1939 Britain and France were wholly unprepared for a major European war and that this quickly became apparent in the conflict that ensued. He also rejects the retroactive claim that Britain went to war in 1939 to save the Jewish population of Europe. On the contrary, the beginning and intensification of war made it easier for Germany to begin the policy of mass murder in secret as well as closing most escape routes. In a provocative, but deeply-researched book, Hitchens questions the most common assumptions surrounding World War II, turning on its head the myth of Britain's role in a `Good War'.

    Audio Interview On The Book:

    First Extract:
    We DIDN'T win the war! PETER HITCHENS writes a provocative book challenging all we think about WW2 | Daily Mail Online

    Second Extract:
    Peter Hitchens says it's time we faced the truth: Winston cost countless British lives | Daily Mail Online
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    Proving that Twitter is not a waste of my time, a promo for this forthcoming title just popped up:

    Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 01.41.30.png

    Does anybody know anything about the author?

    Publishing Date: 31/12/19
    Published By: Helion & Company.

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