Combined Ops, Able Seaman on LCG-14

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    Hi All
    Merry Christmas to all
    Hope you are all well

    I am researching a sailor for a friend and all he has is a few photographs and an address on a letter.
    So far we have traced him as an able seaman with the combined ops on LCG-14.
    Started looking into the Combined ops and now trying to find any background on LCG-14, missions and photographs etc..
    His info is.
    A/B Wm McGuire
    C/JX 393077
    HM LCG 14
    Any links or ideas welcome?
    Already discovered the Combined ops website, very interesting.

    With Thanks
  2. DannyM

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    The IWM has 8 photographs listed relating to LCG 14. Unfortunately none of the images are online.

    Image numbers are HU 72453 to HU 72460.


  3. AndyMartin

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    Thanks Danny
    I guess you have to visit the IWM to see them?
    Thanks for the tip.
  4. DaveB

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    Taking into account the operational losses of LCG vessels, their biggest challenge appears to have been the Walcheren landings.

    I would also surmise that LCG14 was a Landing craft gun (Large) (MkIII) LCG(L) (500-627 tons)
  5. DannyM

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    Yes, you have to visit to view these photos.

    The last time I was there you could use a self-service photocopier to copy the photos (10p ? a copy), but I don’t know if this service is for visitors only or if they would sent photocopies out to you before you order prints.

    You can purchase photographs from the IWM without seeing them. Link

    LCG 14 was converted from LCT Mk 3 373. Looks like she converted/commissioned in March 1943 and spent most of the time in the Med.

    30/3/43 8th LCG Flotilla, Belfast
    6/4/43 8th LCG Flotilla, Belfast
    11/5/43 8th LCG Flotilla, Belfast
    8/6/43 8th LCG Flotilla, Falmouth
    29/6/43 8th LCG Flotilla, Mediterranean Station
    6/7/43 8th LCG Flotilla, Mediterranean Station
    1/1/45 “F” Support Squadron, Mediterranean
    2/7/45 Gibraltar for return to UK


  6. AndyMartin

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    Thanks for replying.
    They did seem to lose alot especially the loss of LCG 15 & 16,
    Not particularly seaworthy but seemed to do the job when needed.
    Thanks for replying
  7. AndyMartin

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    Thanks for the information Danny
    We also discovered the following links to personal accounts from an ex crew member..
    Thanks again
  8. Edward Goodchild

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    My late father Lt Dennis Goodchild was OC RM on LCG14 for the war. There is a single surviving Royal Marine from his detachment whom I have had the pleasure of meeting and who has a significant historical record of their activity. I understand there is a single surviving member of the RN contingent surviving. This picture I have included is a bare summary of their wartime exploits and was painted on the side of the vessel. Edward Goodchild 2016-11-13 11.59.51.jpg 2016-11-13 11.59.51.jpg
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  9. AndyMartin

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    Hi, that is wonderful information, thank you, very interesting and more to look at!
  10. john w dobinson

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    Hi, I have been looking through my fathers effects and have found the following information. His name was George Dobinson he was a Royal Marine who got married on the 15th May 1943. His residence at time of marriage was LCG 8 Combined Operations. He did not tell me much about the war but I do know he revisited Salerno, Italy with his wife to show her where he fought in 1943. I have found 2 small photos taken by him of LCG 12 and LCG 14. He returned Falmouth from Italy/Yugoslavia on the 4th of July 1945 and was reunited with his wife. They were devoted to each other for the rest of their lives. I will send photos shortly.

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