Combined Arms Operations Series

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    The Combined Arms Operations Series (CAOS) is a historically realistic, top down, turn based World War 2 brigade level operational simulator modeling historical and hypothetical battles ranging from small divisional actions to campaigns involving multiple armies.

    Follow in the footsteps of historical commanders at battles such as Gazala, First El Alamein or the allied invasion of Sicily in 1943. Indulge every historical what-if you can imagine. What if Russian and American armies clashed in 1945 or French and British forces in 1936? Perhaps you've always been curious to see a battle between German and American forces in 1938? Find answers in CAOS.

    CAOS is currently in closed beta and is available to play by beta application. It may be played either against other human opponents or in practice games against yourself. An AI will be added after core game concepts have been thoroughly tested.

    If you love World War 2 history or simulation gaming, feel free to apply for the beta and let us know what you think!

    Or visit our wiki for more information:

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