Colt .32 Police Positive

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    Von Poop asked for Americans to post their gun pictures so here's another one, and it's last patent date is July 4, 1905 :)

    It was around my grand dad's house since before I was born and I have no idea where it came from. Colt serial number lookup says it was made in 1919. I don't think it has ever been fired and is in absolute new condition. Anything that might look like scratches in the pictures is just lint from the oily rag. I'm surprised and happy that it didn't go in the 'Send a Gun to Britain' project in 1940

    Bluing is really the nicest I've ever seen on a gun, no matter the price and the action is like a fine watch.

    It is marked .32 CTG which I 'think' is the same as .32 S&W long. Smith and Wesson had come out with their cartridge before Colt and it sold well but Colt didn't want to make their guns with S&W marked on them. They tried the same thing with the S&W .38 Special but eventually that cartridge became so universal that it was just called the .38 Special and the problem was solved for Colt. I probably won't fire it, but back in the safe it goes for now until this stupid covid thing is over.


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    How much is it worth ?
  3. Dave55

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    I would guess, and I do mean guess, around $500 retail.

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