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  1. David Dunlop (ne Lao)

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    Hello All,

    I am the son of the Burmese pilot in Squadron 257 called Htin Yain Lao. My father was killed in the air in January 1945. I was born in May 1945 so I never met him.

    My name was changed from Lao to Dunlop when my mother eventually remarried.

    Only recently I was thoroughly surprised and pleased when I typed my father's name into a search engine to find that he is documented on a couple of websites. I have learned facts which I never knew previously. The wonders of modern day technology! I am anxious to get any information about him and wonder whether any subscribers actually knew him.

    Many thanks,

    David Dunlop
  2. Drew5233

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    Hi David and welcome to the forum.

    Hopefully someone will be able to help you further.

    I take it this is your father remembered on the Rangoon memorial:

    CWGC :: Certificate

  3. Gerard

    Gerard Seelow/Prora

    Hello David and welcome to our forum!! I am sure some of our "Air Boffins" will be able to pitch in and help you out in your query!
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    Welcome to the forum

  5. Paul Reed

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    David - what a wonderful surprise you have joined the forum. I have just sent you a private message.
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    Welcome to the forum David.
  7. David Dunlop (ne Lao)

    David Dunlop (ne Lao) Junior Member

    Thanks so much, Andy. Indeed, it would be him. On the link I can't find where this Memorial is located. Do you know where it is? Rgds
  8. David Dunlop (ne Lao)

    David Dunlop (ne Lao) Junior Member

    Thanks Gerard, I have already had a good response and have learned hitherto unknown info,

  9. David Dunlop (ne Lao)

    David Dunlop (ne Lao) Junior Member

  10. David Dunlop (ne Lao)

    David Dunlop (ne Lao) Junior Member

  11. David Dunlop (ne Lao)

    David Dunlop (ne Lao) Junior Member

    I have only just discovered these responses. Enjoying the interaction and will be in touch,

  12. Papa

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    Old thread I know but I found this forum and joined because of the photo at the beginning.
    Its one from the Charles Brown Collection entitled Pilots of 257 Squadron with the description Seven pilots of 257 Sqn standing in front of a Hawker Typhoon at RAF Warmwell, 13 May 1943, part of the IWM collection.
    I believe the chap 2nd from right is...
    Jones, Gerald Cuthbert Benjamin, 21, 5th January 1945, Royal Air Force (VR), 257 Sqdn., 186637, Pilot Officer (Pilot), husband of Jean Louise Jones, of 59 Brynglas Road, Newport, Mon, SCHOONSELHOF CEMETERY, V. C. 103

    Further photo's and information about him can be found under his entry on my web site under his entry.
    What do you think?

    Newports War Dead - j
  13. My (late) father Alexander Shannon, a pilot flying Typhoons with the 257 Burma squadron from April 1944 (84 GSU Aston Down noted in log book) until it disbanded (3 March 1945) and reformed as the197 squadron. He was a pilot officer during this time, I believe.
    I am an artist working on a piece dedicated to him and his fellow pilots and fellow servicemen and would be most interested to hear from anyone who might have known him.

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