Colour Footage of Operation Neptune

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    Hi all, I've had a look searching for all the expected words and couldn't find anything to suggest this had been talked about before. I plumped for this forum too, but if anyone thinks it should be elsewhere, feel free to move it.

    Anyway, whilst searching for something else entirely on IWM's lamentably bad collections search, I rather surprisingly happened over 20 minutes of colour footage from Operation Neptune. There's a breakdown of the various scenes on my twitter account here, and the full video is found here.

    Another tweeter has suggested that some of it may have been filmed from HMS Aristocrat, acting HQ ship for Force Mulberry, which would make sense. The officer in command of LCPSY 177 is almost certainly Lt Glen RN, who took part in the covert surveys before D-Day and surveyed off Arromanches immediately afterward to prepare for Mulberry.
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    At 2:59 on the second reel, the troops have the insignia of a blue cross on a red shield. When I googled that I came up with "21AG line of communication troops"?

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