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    There are two graves in Coleraine cemetery that are a mystery to me. Pte FH Liddiard died 7 April 1941 and 2nd Lt HGE Deverill, died 25 May 1941. Both of the Royal Berkshire Rgt.
    I have checked the local papers and there are no references to these deaths.

    Any ideas anyone?

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  2. Owen

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  3. handtohand22

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    Thanks for that Owen. I have found out from local residents that there was a drowning incident on the River Bann in Coleraine involving a Bren Gun carrier about that time 1941, but I do not know if there is a connection.
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    Dear Hand to Hand

    Can I have your permission to copy the images of the two Royal Berks graves for the Regimental Museum, Photo collection. I am a volunteer at The Rifles Museum, Salisbury and we are always looking to enlarge the collection as far as it relates to our former Regiments.

    Many thanks in advance.

  5. Owen

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    Ronnie hasn't been on the forum since 2012.
    I can drop him an email assuming he still uses it.
  6. handtohand22

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    Hello Farmersboys and Mac,
    You have my permission to use the photos I took in Coleraine cemetery. Now that you have reminded me I will double check on the local papers again.

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    Farmers Boy.

    If it helps, I can get you photos of all the 10 R Berkshires buried in Minturno and Anzio.

    I am in the cemeteries all the time. Any named on the Cassino Memorial too.


  8. farmersboy

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    Dear Owen Frank and Ronnie

    Apologies for not getting back sooner, been away.

    Many thanks Ronnie for the permission to use the images, I will get them into the Regimental Photo Archive ASAP.

    Frank.....If you are able to get images of any of the lads at Anzio and Minturno without causing you any problem that would be great. We take the view at the museum that if we haven't got an image of the soldier his headstone is the next best thing in oder to keep the battalion above the parapet, if you get my drift.

    Owen.....Thanks for the heads up, hope you are keeping well

    Regards all


  9. minden1759

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    Send me a message with your email address and I will email the photos to you. I am with a group at Anzio next week. There are plenty of Berkshires and Wiltshires in Beachhead Cemetery. I am in Cassino too so I will photo the Cassino Memorial for Berkshires and Wiltshires aswell.

  10. farmersboy

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  11. minden1759

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    Just back from Rome but will be out in Anzio with another group on 4-7 May 17. I will get you the Wilts and Berks chaps including the headstone for Sgt Rogers VC.

    I may well pop into Minturno CWGC if I am ahead of programme and get the chaps from there too.

    I will be in touch.



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