Codebreakers of WWII

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    Interesting article I found and figured I would share with the users's about the British code breakers who successfully cracked Germany's secret code.

    Think we would have still won the war if we were not able to crack the code?

  2. No.9

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    I’m always sceptical of any history the BBC puts out as they never seem to exercise any arbitration of anything submitted?

    One observation of their Enigma piece with reference to it being ”first reconstructed by a Pole”, is that what actually happened was that Polish Intelligence bought several pre-war Enigma machines, (as they were first commercially sold for business-to-business confidential encryption), and broke these machine codes. The German military adopted Enigma for their use, but, before they invaded Poland the code and machines were altered and the Poles could not break these codes! The Poles in turn had received data from the French (also working on the project), who in themselves were buying code updates from a German traitor!

    Good ‘ole BBC research. :rolleyes:

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    The Poles broke the code and gave the results to the British, then they were shund (?)

    Check out the Camp X website and learn more about this warfare.

    Dean Owen
    Whitby Ontario ( 5 miles from Camp X)

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