Coastal tanker Port Lyautey, Operation Aerial

Discussion in '1940' started by Roy Martin, Oct 8, 2016.

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    This French flagged tanker arrived in Falmouth on 24 or 25 June 1940, from Ile d'Yeu. She may have carried a number of evacuees. Some time later the crew returned to France and the vessel was put under the British flag, managed by Phs van Ommeren (London). There is little about her on Convoyweb, can anyone fill in the gaps, please. Particularly, when did she switch flags?
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    Hi Roy,
    The Falmouth Harbour Master's Journal has the Port Lyautey arriving in Falmouth on Monday 24th June "to land refugees." His log says they were "Polish troops." The Captain's name looks like "Luibrias".
    I have no details on the switch of flag. Could it have been when the Royal Navy seized French naval vessels in Falmouth on 3rd July?
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    Hello Roy,
    May be worth checking the ship's official logbook for 1940 at Kew - BT 381/1173. Check the narrative section for any mention. The date of the first voyage in the crew agreement will be her first voyage under the red duster.

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    Thank you for your help gentlemen.

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