Co. A, 117th Infantry, 30th Division

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    Hey Everyone,
    Iooking for info about Co. A, 117th infantry 30th Division in Holland and Germany. My Grandfather was wounded in action Sept. 12th 1944 in Holland and April 12th 1945 in Germany. I'm attempting to find any information possible about these dates (location of Co. A, reports, etc.). Where would be a good place to start my research regarding this?

    Also, I was able to find his silver star citation he received in Holland ^ on, but was unable to find any of his other citations. What would be the best way to go about locating citations?-if possible. I appreciate any help.

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    I'll mention this thread to Slipdigit who has done research into 30th Div.
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    Ok thank you guys so much!
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    I posted you some info in your thread over at WW2F.

    A/117th was assaulting Maastricht on 12 Sep 1944.
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