Clifford Stanley Hench - Born 14 July 1928 - Islington, Middlesex

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    My wife, who is currently undergoing radiation treatment, befriended her nurse. My wife mentioned my interest in World War II research and the nurse said that her father had served in the British Army. Based on his birthdate, I would imagine that it was post-war.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction regarding where I could find more information about this gentleman short of requesting his service records.

    Clifford Stanley Hench - Born 14 July 1928 - Islington, Middlesex

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Tricky Dicky

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    Well this Clifford Hench of exactly the same birth date seems to have left UK/Northern Ireland to emigrate to Canada

    UK, Outward Passenger Lists, 1890-1960
    Name: Clifford Hench
    Gender: Male
    Departure Date: 12 May 1955
    Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
    Destination Port: Montreal, Canada
    Ship Name: Saxonia
    Search Ship Database: Search for the Saxonia in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database
    Shipping line: Cunard Steam Ship Company, Limited
    Master: Alexander B Faster

    Otherwise Ancestry only has his birth & marriage cert details. Be interesting to confirm or deny the above


    Forgot to add best wishes to your wife and hope all goes well, take care of each other
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    Clifford married May E Stockton in 1951

    There is a Mary E Hench who marries in 1966 - Gerald R J Cecil - then it looks as though she goes to live in USA

    Mind you there is also a border crossing for Clifford from Canada to USA and a marriage for him in Conneticut 1959 - 2012

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    Thanks, TD. I am also on Ancestry and found the same information regarding his personal life. He currently resides in Connecticut but is afflicted by dementia. His family is trying to find out his military service, which I would assume is post-war. I think that his service may have been under National Service, which began in January 1949. He would have been the correct age for that period of conscription. He probably served sometime between 1949 and 1955 since he emigrated to Canada and eventually the US in 1955 as you have noted above. I have tried Fold3 with no luck.
  5. Tricky Dicky

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    Any idea what sort of engineer he was, might direct you to a type of military service/training

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    I will try and find out regarding the engineer bit. My wife will see the family tomorrow. I will print some of the documents out regarding this man for her.
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    Might lead somewhere; Walter S Hench married Nora Clifton in 1927, Islington London. No results on 1939 register apart from a lady in Wales. Also found Walter Henke (variant of Hench) born 1906, Islington.
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    Thanks 51Highland.

    Walter Stanley Hench and (Henrietta) Nora Clifton were his parents. I also found that maternal grandfather was a mechanical engineer and worked at an iron foundry. Clifford Stanley Hench was also and engineer. This may lead to his branch of service being RE.

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