Churchill's Secret Army

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    I am writing an article about the above for an on-line military magazine. I have an acquaintance who served in the Secret Army during W.W.2 and he is prepared to talk to me about it which will form the basis of the article and will describe also the weapons the Army had at its disposal in case of the German invasion in 1940-42.
    I would also like to include in the article photo's of one of their 'hides' if possible.
    Does any one have access to or pictures of a 'typical' Secret Army 'hide' I can use in my article please?
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    One of the members of the Pillbox Appreciation Society on Facebook posted some OB photos in recent months. They might be more amenable to usage of their photos than an established organisation?
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    Hi Roger - apologies a bit late to the party here. I represent the Coleshill Auxiliary Research Team (CART) which research the Auxiliary Units. Tricky Dicky was kind enough to post a link to our site but please get in touch if you want any specific information.

    Interestingly we have just undertaken an archaeological dig of a operational base (OB = hide) in Dorset - some fascinating insight on our Facebook page too.
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