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    A place for some links, and associations with Chippenham Park Camp, near Newmarket, especially, but not only, during WW2.

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    Chippenham Park - Wikipedia

    Chippenham, Cambridgeshire - Wikipedia

    History | Chippenham Park Gardens

    Chippenham - on the site - Cambridgeshire History - Cambridgeshire

    CHIPPENHAM HALL, Chippenham - 1000615 | Historic England
    With: "During the Second World War there were three military camps in the park* and the Hall was partly used as a hospital. "

    * NB: The Wardiary for the SRY has: "POSTAL." - "Chippenham Park, North Camp,Ely, Cambs" - so of the "three military camps in the park", the SRY one was the "North Camp"

    Chippenham | British History Online
    Has, for example: "Between 1940 and 1946 the Park was used as a camp for the army, and also for Polish refugees, while the west wing of Chippenham Hall was a maternity hospital 1940 × 1941.( Newmarket Jnl. 13 May 1979.) A concrete track was built along the southern section of the Park wall during the Second World War, almost creating a ring road around the Park."

    Bert Jenkins (British) – James Holland's Griffon Merlin
    With: "And got on the lorries, we went to Chippenham Park. That’s a big estate 3 miles out of Newmarket" & "when we got to Chippenham, we was under canvas and that, and I dumped my stuff in one of the tents and I went to the entrance of the camp, the Chippenham Park, and I hitchhiked a lift into Newmarket."

    IWM Search: Search | Imperial War Museums


    CHAMBERS, JAMES THOMAS (ORAL HISTORY), (with "Period with 23rd Hussars in GB, 1942- 1943: posting to Chippenham near Newmarket, autumn 1942 character of training with unit") : Chambers, James Thomas (Oral history)

    HARKINS, LEONARD "LEN" (ORAL HISTORY), (with "Aspects of period as trooper with 2nd Fife and Forfar Yeomanry in GB, 12/1942-6/1944: joining of unit at Chippenham Park in Newmarket; reaction to posting; story of first charges received from unit. REEL 2 Continues: accommodation; story of Tommy Rumnell driving a wagon through a tent; officers in unit; driving training; role in tank crew; memories of Tank Sergeant Bobby Wan; details of Crusader Tank driven; gunnery training; leisure activities at Chippenham Park; details of Sherman tanks" & "story of fire in officers mess at Chippenham Park"
    : Harkins, Leonard "Len" (Oral history)

    (Nb. Content described, but audio not currently available online) GARAI, BERTRAM HENRY (ORAL HISTORY), (with "joining unit at Chippenham Park near Newmarket; reception on joining unit." : Garai, Bertram Henry (Oral history)

    Some online book refs.

    Chippenham Park in: Englishman at War (The "The Wartime Diaries of Stanley Christopherson" SRY - Ed. James Holland

    Chippenham in "Hard Fighting: A History of the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry 1900-1946
    By Jonathan Hunt" - Hard Fighting

    WW2talk threads

    29 Armoured Brigade location 1943/44


    Ref: Chippenham | British History Online

    Miscellaneous (pre WW2)

    Description: Cambridgeshire – Chippenham Park 1912 Shooting Cards dated 1st and 2nd November 1912, party listed King George V, also identifies the collective total of game shot over the days: Mullock's Auctions - Cambridgeshire – Chippenham Park 1912 Shooting Cards dated...

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    Events Associated with Chippenham Park and the 24th L etc during WW2

    Autumn 1942 : None Had Lances - The Story of the 24th Lancers p32 "After a month under canvas, we moved a few miles down the road to a very large Nissen-hutted camp in the grounds of Chippenham Park, some four miles north of Newmarket, where there was space to accommodate all four regiments of the 29th Armoured Brigade"

    14/10/42 - Ref'd as "Chippenham" in the Wardiary of the 24th L

    29 Armoured Brigade location 1943/44 - Quote: "On October 17th, 1942 the 24th L regiment moved to Chippenham Park, near Newmarket in Cambridgeshire, where the Crusader Mk III began to replace the Crusader Mk Is. From February 4th to 8th, the 24th Lancers were warned for service in North Africa, moved to the embarkation port, and loaded the tanks before the move was cancelled. It then returned back to Chippenham Park. On April 15th, 1943 the regiment began to equip with Sherman Mk V Tanks (M4A1) with the first arriving in early April. The regiment moved to Bridlington, Yorkshire on June 10th, where more Shermans arrived including Sherman Mk IIIs (M4A2) that were taken on in early June. Gradually the 24th had all Sherman IIIs when they were handed over to the 3rd Royal Tank Regiment, when the 24th left the brigade on February 6th, 1944."

    11/11/42 - 17/11/42 - 24th L regimental training and exercises

    15/12/42 - A 24th L regimental TEWT was held.

    8/1/43 No.7927997, L/Cpl.Jordan.S.H. (24th L) was killed in an accident with a Scout Car.

    11/1/43 L/Cpl.Jordan.S.H. (24th L) was buried with full military honours at Chippenham Parish Church. (see post further below and: sidney.html }

    3/6/43 The 24th L Regiment took part in 29 Armd Bde. Exercise “Crusader”.

    7-10/6/43 The 24th L Regiment moved to its new permanent location at Bridlington, Yorks.Bridlington

    6/2/44 Approx 50% of the 24th L Regiment left Bridlington for the new location at Chippenham Park near Newmarket and came under Command 8th Armoured Brigade.

    8/2/44 The remainder of the 24th L Regiment arrived at Chippenham Park.

    25/2/44 The 24th L regiment was visited at Chippenham by the Corps Commander.

    6/3/44 The Commanding Officer and Officers of the 24th L regiment entertained the Commanding Officer and Officers of the 4/7th Royal Dragoon Guards in the Officers Mess.

    10/3/44 The 24th L regiment took part in a Brigade W/T exercise

    15/3/44 The General Officer Commanding 7th Armoured Division lectured all Officers of the 24th L regiment.

    24-25/3/44 The 24th L regiment took part in an 8th Armoured Brigade Exercise “Kellys Eye I”

    29/3/44 The 24th L AA Troop left for two weeks training and firing at Lulworth and Netherton. During this month firing of the Sherman V (C) armament was carried out.

    10/4/1944 - Despatch by rail of the 8th Armoured Brigade from Newmarket to Winchester e.g.

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    That date for firing the ShermanV(C) is, I believe, the earliest date that particular tank type was fired on Ranges. Quite a nice 'first' for the 24th Lancers. Why is that significant?....well, the Sherman was known as the Mayfly.....soon to be rebadged the Firefly. The rest is history.
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    With a search here: England's Army Camps

    In the “East Anglia District”

    The names of the three Chippenham camps are given as: "Chippenham North, South and Centre Camps",Chippenham (Cambs)

    North - according to the SRY Wardiary - was where the SRY were based.


    Refs to "Chippenham South Camp" : BBC - WW2 People's War - ROYAL TANK REGIMENT

    With: "27 September 1945. Thursday. B Squad, Hut 44., 152 Regt RAC,
    Chippenham Camp South, Newmarket, Suffolk.

    Refs' to:"Chippenham South Camp, Cambridgeshire", "Chippenham North Camp, Cambridgeshire" in "ARMY UNITS IN POLISH RESETTLEMENT CORPS CAMPS IN THE UK 1946-1948" nb. the link here: 2 (only appears as a "2" )
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    As an example, incidentally this map (below) from the war diary of the SRY - shows the intended concentration areas for the 8th Armoured Brigade regiments in Normandy.

    Though it looks to me to be to be similar in over-all "shape" to the map above for Chippenham, in detail, I guess it was unlike the layout used at Chippenham (which had North, South and Centre camps)


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