Chinook disaster. Mull of Kintyre.1994

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    Pleased to hear early reports that the two pilots have finally been exonerated from blame for this incident.

    Despite evidence to the contrary that associated software was reliable, the MOD and RAF leadership insisted that the two pilots,who did not survive, were responsible.

    It has taken all this time and I know for a fact that one of the pilot's fathers,himself an experienced pilot has since died with his efforts to prove his son's innocence,unrewarded.

    It looks as if a Scottish Judge has sat in judgement of a review of the case. I am sure many will be interested to see the report published.

    I have the feeling that the usual edict on dynamic incidents,prevailed here.Never put the blame at the foot of equipment or systems.It is far more convenient,for a number of reasons, to lay the blame at the hands of the human element.Fortunately scientific advancement of the surveilance of operations means that technology never lies.

    As I had said,it has been a hard slog for the NOK.
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    yes, I'm pleased to see this coming to the right conclusion

    absolutely terrible the way the pilots were treated
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    A long time coming, but justice at last......

    An official review into the Chinook helicopter crash in Scotland concludes the two dead pilots should not have been blamed, the BBC has learned.
    Twenty-nine people died on the flight from Belfast to Inverness when it crashed on the Mull of Kintyre in 1994.
    The independent report, chaired by retired judge Lord Philip, is expected to say that the pilots should not have been accused of gross negligence.

    Read more

    BBC News - Mull of Kintyre Chinook crash report 'clears pilots'
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    About time. Disgraceful way to treat the pilots.
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