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    It is with a sad heart that I report the passing of Pte. 3771136 Philip Hayden, formerly of the 1st Battalion, The King's Regiment and survivor of the second Chindit expedition in 1944. I first met Philip and his family at the Chindit Reunion Dinner in 2011, where I was fortunate to share many minutes in conversation with this incredible man.

    Since that day, Philip has become an icon for both the Chindits and the King's Regiment alike. Over the past five years or so he has represented his Regiment and the Chindits at many important functions and events, always adding to proceedings with his cheeky grin and a humorous anecdote or two.

    He has quite rightly received many accolades and honours in recognition of his service during WW2, especially back home in Liverpool, but it was clear that Philip knew he was simply representing his former comrades on these occasions and in particular those that had remained in Burma and never returned home to their families.

    My favourite anecdote in conversation with him went something like this; please imagine a firm scouse accent when reading the following:

    Me: So you flew into Burma in one of the WACO gliders Philip. Do you remember the number of your craft? It would probably be pre-fixed with the letter P or B.

    Philip: All I can remember is that I was worried about the fact that the plane was going to tow two gliders at the same time. Very frightening for us first time flyers.

    Me: How long did the journey to Broadway take roughly? Do you recall seeing the Irrawaddy from the air as you passed over?

    Philip: Listen son, I never saw a thing, I had me head in my lap for the entire time, I was that b****y scared!

    Philip was one of the King's that formed up with Brigadier Mike Calvert at Mogaung, finally being evacuated from Burma in late June 1944.

    :poppy: Philip Hayden RIP :poppy:

    More about Philip's recent achievements:

    Hayden 1944 copy.jpg Citizen of Honour copy.jpg Buck house 4 copy.jpg
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    rip ... :poppy:

    iirc, he's on the end of the standing row rhs of the picture I posted from the last Burma Star reunion...

    Was he the last 1st Kings...? I'm still only aware of a single 1st Cameronian... the 77th and the 111th have nearly fully reformed...
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    Philip, became quite a celebrity in and around Liverpool. Always wore his Slouch Hat. He did remain modest. RIP Mr Hayden. Thank you for your service. Veronica.
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    To my knowledge we still have at least one other Kingsman.
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    Hi Veronica,

    It never ceased to amaze me how Philip seemed to pop up all over the place at Remembrance time. As you say he became a well known figure in his home town.

    Best wishes

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    :poppy: Philip Hayden RIP :poppy:


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