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    This might be are man ?

    Aberdeen Journal Aberdeenshire, Scotland
    13 Mar 1936

    NORTH-EAST NEWS Aberchirder Church Reports Rev. A. J. Buchan presided at the annual business meeting of New Marnoch Church, Aberchirder. The financial reports were given by Mr J. Gregor and Mr D. Young. Tho choir rendered suitable items.
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    Nice photo from neg of there Ford wot2 15Cwt truck.
    india ford truck kb.jpg
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  3. morrisc8

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    No books of the photos will be printed apart from the two for now, as i need more info to
    ID Lt J Hartland 174815 in the photos.
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  4. High Wood

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    I would spend some time putting the photographs into chronological order and identifying the individuals and locations before getting them printed in book form. That said I would like a copy particularly if it included all the photographs that can be printed from your negatives. It is often the overlooked photographs that have the clues necessary to identify locations. I would also try to get a copy of the 60th Field Regiment R.A.'s War Diary as it will give names and locations that can be tied in with your photographs.
  5. morrisc8

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    I have put most of the negs in chronological order, i need a name with a photo to ID the men in the photos that i have. I would like the 60th Field Regiment R.A.'s War Diary , just for the time they were in India/Burma. I live in Portugal so a visit to kew is out.

    The 60th Field Regiment became numbers 60 and 88 columns in Wingate's 23rd Brigade. They were the last two columns in the last of Wingate's brigades to penetrate into the jungle
    This is a good link to the 60th Field Regiment.

    BBC - WW2 People's War - Ubique and Unique - the story of the Lincolnshire Gunners
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    when 70 th Inf Div was converted into Chindit units the 8th Field Regiment was assigned to the 25th Indian Division .
    In this photo he looks to have a bren gun. india jungle training bridge bren gun.jpg
  7. bamboo43

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    At last, I can contribute here:

    I went back into my stored miscellaneous files (not kept on my computer) and found an officers returns (undated) from the 23rd Brigade Head Quarters. This includes the name of AJ Buchan. See attached. I do not have the full diary for this unit I'm afraid, just a narrative written about their time around the Naga Hills in April-July 1944.

    This came to me from the daughter of a Chindit 1 survivor. There are a few attached personnel from 60 FD. But of course this is not a return for potential officers from 60 and 88 Columns. Happy to share the rest of the file.

    23HQ 1944.JPG
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  8. veronicad

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    60 and 88 Columns are within The Duke of Wellingtons war diaries. Together with the 33RD and 76TH 'Dukes'. Also, two columns of the Borders. All came under Perownes 23rd brigade. Wilcox W.A. [ see mention of post 67] wrote a book. Column 76. Veronica.
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  9. bamboo43

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    It would be useful to know the file references for the War diaries that could contain relevant information about the 60 FD RA and then 60 and 88 Columns.
  10. veronicad

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    WO172/4397. HQ 23 Inf Bde 1944. Believe this is the same record that you have Steve?
    Columns , 60 & 88. 33& 76. 34&85. 44&56. Good account.Where , when, who, etc.
    WO172/4876. Duke of Wellingtons Regt. Sparse detail of 60&88. Showing names of persons attached to Dukes. Veronica.
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    Have taken this photo off . In Nov 1944 Lt John Hartland 174815 moved to the Queens, his name was on the back of the photo, if the owner would like to post it on this , we then might be able to ID him.
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  12. bamboo43

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    Thanks Veronica. I am going to look for their individual diaires for 1942/43 on TNA search engine.
  13. morrisc8

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    I found this in my 1938 Monthly Army List. Lt Falkner H . There might be more Falkners.
    Lt Falkner H India RA.jpg
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    Close up of the pack mules on bridge.
    india pack mule train.jpg
  15. morrisc8

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    Here is a book that has the history of the 60th Field Regiment in ww2. by Jack Bartlett & John Benson 'All The King's Enemies

    Here are more links.
    Hello From Lincolnshire!
    Burma ww2 chindits film

    Wingate and Chindits
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  16. Charpoy Chindit

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    I appreciate that enthusiasts are getting a bit excited about this collection, and I recognize your previously-stated desire to share your ebay purchases with the world, but do you think it acceptable to reproduce images that you didn't win and don't own. I don't, especially when it is one of mine!
    My previous complaint about a lack of decorum on this issue clearly fell on deaf ears.
  17. morrisc8

    morrisc8 Under the Bed

    Have taken this photo off Sorry, it was on ebay.
  18. Rich Payne

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    As far as I'm concerned, once a seventy-five year old image of unknown provenance has been posted on eBay by a seller (who may or may not be the copyright holder) with a view to increasing his potential profit, then it has entered the public domain.

    As a regular purchaser of original wartime images and negatives, I am well aware in making my decsion to purchase that there is a possibility or indeed likelihood that others will have copied the image and may at any time display it on a website. If it were a concern to me then I would only purchase photographs that had never been scanned and displayed on the internet. I can console myself with the ability to make a higher resolution scan.

    Without the reproduction of eBay sale images on this forum, I am certain that the study of BEF markings, armour and B vehicles would never have made the progress that it has recently. I feel no guilt about having taken part in that process, both with photographs that I have purchased and those where I have been an unsuccesful bidder (or even not bid at all).

    Dependent upon the politeness of a request from the subsequent buyer, I might or might not consider removing it. It may well be that I would leave it to the forum administrator.

    I hope that Keith will not be discouraged from posting images and scans where they contribute to a discussion or the dissemination of knowledge.
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  19. morrisc8

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    Just sad,
    i did get in touch with the seller for any more info and they said Lt Hartland name was on the back of that photo, just trying to ID him in the photos/negs. Charpoy chindt said "that enthusiasts are getting a bit excited about this collection" Just wanted any more info on the negs for us all to see.
    No books will be printed apart from one for me and one other, until i get more info to ID Lt John Hartland.
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  20. veronicad

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    Keith, I have been an enthusiast and was one who got very excited about your collection. Wouldn't it have been wonderful if we could have got more information from the negs. And perhaps we will. Sad, indeed. Thank you again.

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