Chindit 2 General maps, including Strongholds and Landing Grounds.

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    very good to have you back on the forum again. I had wondered what had happened to you. Many thanks for putting me right on the Broadway location. I have looked again at my 92 D map and think that, with your help, the circle is now nearer the right location. Thank you for the Google images and the overlays. By my limited map reading skills, I would place the map reference for Broadway as SH4265. Simon.

    Broadway 001.JPG
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    Hi, Simon,

    The last stretch of my professional career was very focused, and I deal with what has recently been diagnosed as Lyme Disease. And I had major computer problems. So...enough of the cheap excuses...I'm BACK, brother!! And retired. But still computer challenged...and time challenged with a major project. Well, one after know. AT SOME POINT you and I should get back to sharing images of Rangoon, especially, and opinions about said images.

    Glad to have given you some Broadway geographic direction.

    I looked a couple of days ago but could not find the thread where I posted a bunch of Broadway images. Or my White City image posts, either. I've had posts disappear on me before on this forum...which is terribly frustrating. Or I'm just a dodo...Those images need to be rediscovered, as the value of air photos (and maps) cannot be stressed enough.


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    Hi Matt,

    As Simon already states, good to see you back on here. Retired……… I wish I could say the same.:)
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    Broadway 008.JPG I also have a 1:126,720 map of the same area, 92 D/NE which despite being of a larger scale doesn't show the five clearings. I would probably need to find a 1: 25,000 map of the same area for them to be shown.[
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    yes indeed, I believe that I still owe you a copy of one of my Rangoon Jail photographs. You will have to remind me which one it was.

  6. Matt Poole

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    Hi, lads,

    Somewhere there must be a 1:25,000 made for the landings...but air photos are the only certain source to reveal clearings, I'd guess.

    I've looked again and still can't find the Broadway and White City air photos I posted a while ago. Must try one last time, and then probably post them again...

    Give me a couple of weeks or so, Simon, to get with it -- and figure out a new image manipulation software to download, since the old one doesn't work on my new-and-improved (hah!!) Windows 10 toy. And then we'll make some progress with images like your Rangoon Jail aerials. I'm a bit of a scatterbrain of late...but it's good to be back in touch.

    Steve, I'm lucky to have been able to retire...though let's see what happens to the stock market with a new prez.
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    Was it on this thread Matt?

    Chindit 2 General maps, including Strongholds and Landing Grounds.
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    So THERE THEY ARE! Thanks, Steve. Maybe eventually I'll post a new message with "Broadway, White City air photos" in the title, so that these gems are not as easily missed. If a genius like me can't find them...then I'm not the only one.
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    hope this is the right forum!

    well ive been looking for some war maps of the arakan. these are 1:63360 scale 'survey of india' maps i believe.

    there was millions of these printed but ive searched all over with no success.

    im after maps '84 D/9'...84 C/8 ...84C/12. these are from map G7720 S63.

    im trying to track the ol mans battalion movements in the arakan towards buithidaung [plus admin box]

    im pretty sure these are the 'purple maps' as i have the 6 digit coords in the battalion war diarys.

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  11. jimbop

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    hi mate,
    thanx for the reply, yep ive seen these and while their good maps, scales too large for my use.
    im after the british 1 inch maps using the 6 digit coord system. im surprised not to see any of these floating about as there were millions of them printed!
    looks like another blockage on my quest to find more on the ol 'pot n pans' movements. :(
  12. SDP

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    Have you tried eBay? Period maps of Burma get listed quite frequently.
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    Hello Jim,

    The one inch (1:63,360) series of maps were apparently upscaled in 1944-5 to produce a more detailed series at a scale of six inches to the mile (1:25,000). It should be possible to use the grid from G7720 S63 overlaid onto the 1:25,000 scale and to plot locations using the six digit refs. The Bodleian Library in Oxford has a collection of 76 of these maps:

    Burma 1:25,000. [map] - University of Oxford

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    I have a 1:25000 map entitled Maungdaw North Sheet 4 which covers the main road from Maungdaw to Buthidaung via Letwedet and includes the tunnels. It is a second edition Aug 1944 imprint. I am happy to get a copy done for you if it is any use to you.

  15. Shiny 9th

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    Jimpop, What was the battalion that interests you? I have an interest in 9th Royal Sussex and know all their movements in the Arakan if that is any help?
  16. jimbop

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    CS. these oxford maps look very interesting, ill take a good gander at these.
    Simon. that would really be great mate! this should cover 'cain' and 'abel'.
    Shiny. dad was in the 1st queens [royal reg]. fought their way down from the goppe pass to buithidaung. [kalapanzin valley]
    simons map could give me coords of their last actions...bit to n fro around letwedet. :)

    just had a knockback from 'survey of india'. seems they didnt keep any of the millions they printed.

    big thanx for your help chaps!!

  17. Hebridean Chindit

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    Just a heads-up Jim... which may save you a lot of pain...
    The six digit reference you see in many of the diaries does not tie up with the maps for most records I've dug up re 111th, unless you have the relevant decode-list for them... which I've had little joy sourcing them, and they changed on a regular basis...
    If they coded them, which knowing the Brit Army, they would have done... and for those you may have a problem finding them...
    I gave up trying for my research...
    Not looked up those records, mind you...
    Anyone else had any joy on this sort of stuff...?
  18. Hebridean Chindit

    Hebridean Chindit Lost in review...

    Can someone tell me where I hid all those site references I worked out for Google Earth some time back, so I can copy/paste them into this thread...?
    Thanks in advance...
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    Jim, it definitely covers Cain and Able. I had the map in front of me as I read Tom Ground's Some Letters from Burma, The Story of the 25th Dragoons at War and it really set the scene, literally. I will get a full size copy printed for you at the local copy shop in Bishop's Castle which is about 10 miles from where I live out in the sticks so it probably won't be this week. I will pm you when it is done. In the meantime here is a taster. I think that I have marked Able a little too far west. Roof 012.JPG
  20. High Wood

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