Chemical Warfare School (India), Pachmarhi, October 1942.

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    As in post #19
    Victor Albert Vaigncourt-Strallen
    BIRTH 1896
    DEATH 12 JAN 1948 • Hampshire, England

    Miles married the daughter of his CO by the looks of it


    it seems that even today they drop the Vaigncoourt bit for general day to day use, but retain it for special occasions
    Summer Peta Vaigncourt-Strallen (born 21 December 1985)

    Zizi Strallen - IMDb
    Zizi Strallen was born in 1990 in London, England as Sylphide Charity Vaigncourt-Strallen

    Scarlett Strallen - IMDb
    Scarlett Strallen was born on July 3, 1982 in London, England as Scarlett Aimee Vaigncourt-Strallen
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    Some good research work there Highwood. The threat of chemical warfare was taken seriously but it seems that by 1944 was deemed to have been less likely. I know that 1st Seaforth Highlanders were ordered to return their gas equipment into storage in March of that year presumably because it was more of a hindrance fighting through thick jungle.
    However, the Japanese did use a gas grenade in the fighting at Modbung north of Imphal when a tank of the Carabiniers was knocked out of action with a combination of this and conventional grenade.
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    My grandfather Victor Albert Strallen added the Vaigncourt at sometime after WW1 and my father Peter Desmond Vaigncourt-Strallen added the hyphen.
    Joan Doreen was my grandfather eldest daughter and my aunt.
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    Daaaaamn guys, thank you! I have long been interested in the topic of the spread of British weapons standards in India and the further independent development of such technologies. I have every reason to believe that here is the most complete information about the chemical warfare school in India :) Wish I had seen this before - before I paid for the history tutor 上門 補習. I don’t regret it, of course, but your finds are also worth a lot. I simply wouldn't have the patience to study in such detail every person who took part in this. Thanks for doing this for us!
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