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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by trymee, Sep 19, 2004.

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    If you wanna feel the power of WW2 tanks try this game out that I have found, it is massive online competition and best of all its free to download and to play online,they have events on thursday nites at 9pm est usa, best time to login btw, but you can anytime online you can get it here at go doownload and play that simple, but first b4 u play come up with good screen name :)),,,,,,,,,,,, <S> trymee
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    First let me say that Trymee is right, those of us that play Armored Assault throughly enjoy it, but the weekly events are on Tuesday nights at 9pm Eastern. Not Thursday as he mentioned.

    While it is a relatively simple game to learn with a minimum of key board commands to learn or program into your stick, it does require a fair amount of skill and strategy once your on the battle field. The battles can become very intense very quickly, and its completely free to download with unlimited on-line play.

    The terrian is excellent, ranging from flat open plains to rolling hills and nearly impenetrable mountains with pleanty of forrests and defilades to provide cover while you stalk your opponent.

    The object of the game is basically "capture the flag". There are 49 different cities, villages or outposts that must be closed by destroying certain targets at the fields. The targets for closure vary significantly from field to field,and all fields have multiple spawn points. Once closed a player must then bring troops to that field using either an Opel Blitz truck or an M5 halftrack in order to capture it. Maps of the individual fields showing spawn points and targets required for closure can be downloaded here in the form of a zip file. Field Maps

    The game offers a selection of both Allied and Axis vehicles with M3, M5 and M16 halftracks, two versions of the Sherman, M4A1, M4A3 the T34 representing the Allies, with PzKpfw IVd, Pzkpfw IVh, and Pzkpfw Vg for the Axis plus the Opel truck. There are also 2 aircraft, JU87G and A36 available at limited airfields. Several of these vehicles can also be used with optional AI companions that can be controled by the player to have them search out and engage targets.

    Armored Assault is not a hardcore totally "realistic" tank sim though. There is one detracting fault with the game however, that being the vehicle damage model is not quite what it should be. Consequently the PanzerG Panther has become the vehicle of choice and is driven by players on both sides. So if you can accept that fact and realize you are not going to find a truely "historical" battle here, you will have a lot of fun with the game.

    The regular players are friendly and very helpful to new players. Online numbers are low right now although I suspect the good weather of summer has something to do with that, but there is a weekly hosted event every Tuesday night at 9pm eastern, which brings a fairly good turn out. Tuesday nights can be rough on new players, but you are certainly welcome to come join us. Details of the weekly events are normally posted here IEN BBS sometime on Monday in the Armored Assault section.

    And yes Armored Assault is completely free for download and unlimited online play and does come with a mission editor that allows you to create your own offline missions. I also suggest you take some time to practice with some of the training missions. Armored Assault Download

    I hope to see some of you in my sights soon. :)

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    I smell spam! :)
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    can anyone tell me if you need an account to download armored assault thanx
  5. Paul Reed

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    It certainly looks like it when you click on the links.
  6. david k

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    thanx paul i thought i might of been doing something wrong,because others said it was free.
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    Briant8967 Junior Member says that u hav 2 play...
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    What are the minmum stats for that game?

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