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    Its a bit self indulgent I know but, 70 Years ago today my Grandads brother was killed in Sicily . Arthur James Kendrick 6463040 7th Btn Green Howards. He is next in the list of my research projects, any advance info would be appreciated and with any luck I'll be able to get as much detail as for Charlie. (see Below)

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    Hello Paul,

    The 7th Bn Green Howards were brigaded with 6th Bn Green Howards and 5th Bn East Yorkshire Regiment, in 69th Infantry Brigade, 50th (Northumbrian) Division.

    I believe that on the 17 July 1943 the 7th Bn Green Howards started off the day in the area of Lentini but moved on towards the Primosole Bridge, which its sister brigade, the 151st Infantry Brigade (6th, 8th and 9th Bns Durham Light Infantry) were contesting with German Paras. See link for background I drafted yesterday about this battle:

    The 69th Infantry Brigade were passed through the Durham's position in readiness for further action, should the 168th Infantry Brigade's attack on the Fosse Bottaceto, which covered the approach to Catania Airfield, be successful. However, I don't believe they joined the battle here until circa 2 am on 18 July 1943.

    I will see what I can find about the 7th Bn Green Howards on this day later and revert if I find anything useful to you.

    I do not have any details of your great uncle's demise, but his death is recorded on Panel 6 of the Cassino Memorial, which means he has no known grave. RIP Corporal AJ Kendrick.

    NB. His service number is from the Royal Fusiliers allocation, which means he originally attested with this regiment.



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