Charles Seagram Higgins 64615 Sherwood Foresters

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    An uncle of mine Captain (later Major) Charles Seagram Higgins was a POW during WW2 and before he met my father's sister. Can anyone help me trace him and where he was a POW please? I assume it was in Europe but not sure at all. He certainly served in Germany after the war as my two cousins were born there.
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    Hi Murdo,

    It looks like he began his incarceration in Italy. Below is his entry from the file WO392/21 at the National Archives. I must say right away that the file is known to contain errors, but it at least shows his presence in the Italian theatre. The camp location against his name is No. 29 which was located south of Piacenza and his Army number is stated.

    Forum member vitellino is very knowledgeable on this subject and hopefully can tell you more.

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    C. S. Higgins 64615. Major. Sherwood Foresters.
    camp Braunschweig (formerly O. 8F)
    OFLAG 079 .
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    Hi and have only just sen this and don't know why I didn't receive an alert.....I am searching for a photo o my Auntie Anna on the left beside my father, Major M.M. Duncan, and Charles Higgins, her husband, is on the right with my mother beside him. In the middle is my father's (and Anna's) mother from Lewis. As you have shown me, Charles was a Major too, but would tease my father that he was a real one as father left the army as a Lt but the Army Cadet Force a Major and twenty years later after he had been demobbed!!! Anna was only 19 when the War broke out but immediately signed up. Not sure what her uniform is but she met Charles in London and after he had been released.......
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    More info for you. He was first held in an Italian POW Camp, Camp 29, records below



    Approx location in Italy of Camp 29


    He was then moved to German POW Camps. Records below


    Villa Albertoni, Veano, Italy



    I’m assuming this is the original building.....I’m trying to confirm


    Source: Contains a detailed storey Among the Italian Partisans

    This brochure seems to indicate that the building is the original site of Camp 29
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    Hi and that is amazing information!!!! Many, many thanks indeed and I shall pass it on to his two daughters in England.
  7. Murdo Duncan

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    ....following on; does anyone have any idea how he and others were captured? Is it possible to find that out just to have an even bigger picture?
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    From Wiki and I expect there are references here:
    From: Sherwood Foresters - Wikipedia and Tobruk: account of operations of 1st Battalion Sherwood Foresters 1942 June, by Major H.... | The National Archives

    Here is a forum thread: 1st Sherwood Foresters (MOT) Infantry Battalion

    Via a BBC story:
    From: BBC - WW2 People's War - History of the Sherwood Foresters

    Another battalion did serve in North Africa, but there is no indication of anyone being captured - although it could have happened.

    The regimental association website may be an option: Association | Museum of the Mercian Regiment

    Enough and enjoy.
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    Very kind of you and I gather he was commissioned in 1935 and a career soldier rather than my father volunteering in 1939. All very, very interesting. Maybe I will try my grandfather too but the only other member of the Duncan family who served although he was WW1. Thanks everyone, Murdo

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